Maple-Pumpkin Custards with Crystallized Ginger

Fall 2002, The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004)

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A Thanksgiving meal wouldn't be complete without pumpkin, and here in Vermont we wouldn't dream of excluding our beloved maple syrup. We've combined the two in these elegant custards, featuring the best part of a pumpkin pie and saving calories for a luscious finish of real whipped cream. If you can find it, use Grade B dark amber syrup to get the best maple flavor.

"Oh man!!! This is sooo good! If you like pumpkin pie, you should definitely try this recipe. I didn't have any crystalized ginger, but I sprinkled some raw sugar and chopped walnuts on top and that added a nice little crunch. Definitely...
Maple-Pumpkin Custards with Crystallized Ginger

14 Reviews for Maple-Pumpkin Custards with Crystallized Ginger

Great gluten free alternative when you crave pumpkin

I made this recipe during a 6 month gluten free period and continue to make it after I went back on gluten (in small amounts). I have used 1%, 2% and whole milk and prefer whole because it makes it taste a little richer. I also tried adding some vanilla extract and that was awesome. With whole milk and vanilla its almost like creme brulee!

Light, elegant, easy and make-ahead

After a calorie dense, Thanksgiving dinner, dessert sometimes seems like an obligation instead of a treat. I made this dessert a day ahead which simplified my feast preparation. It was very easy and fast to make - even the clean up. But the best part was how good it was. The pumpkin pie lovers raved about it and those of us who find pie a little heavy at the end of the meal loved this creamy, light and flavorful dessert. So GOOD!

delicious, healthy alternative, perfect ending
We have made this every thanksgiving since we found this recipe 4 years ago

I am not a big pie eater so when my husband found this recipe back in 2010 we jumped at making it. It was a huge hit and the fact that it was lower in calories and gluten free was a huge bonus. The grade B maple syrup and candied ginger are key.

Love the candied ginger and the lower calories make it guilt free
one of my favorite recipes! pumkin pie without the crust:)

I love this recipes for many reasons... it is easy to obtain the ingredients, doesn't need crust to be splendid, easy to prepare, and my boys love it for a snack or desert even in the summertime. This is an entirely soothing custard to eat. It is especially popular after visits to the orthodontist.

light, easy to prepare, and flavorful
Gluten Free Dessert

Made this for the holidays, we are gluten free so pies don't really work for us and gluten free crusts are just not worth the bother most of the time. This is easy to make, quick to put together and you can make it ahead of time. If your custard seems to have separated I'm afraid that is a sign you let it cook just a bit too long. You have to watch these carefully at the end so they are still "jiggly" when you take them out. Set but not too set. We served with whipped cream and I made this with my homegrown organic pumpkin, you could really taste the fresh pumpkin and it's awesome.

gluten free, easy to make, no sugar, tastes great, make ahead

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