Lusciously Nutty Holiday Logs

November/December 2008

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Registered Dietitian Mary LaRock flavored these phyllo rolls with orange and dark chocolate for a winning cookie that will be a lovely addition to any holiday cookie platter.

"These are fantastic, guilt free and not difficult to make! Plus a really fun shape. We love them! "
Lusciously Nutty Holiday Logs

4 Reviews for Lusciously Nutty Holiday Logs

Tastes great. The instructions need some changes.

These were a big hit at my family's Christmas gathering, The flavor of the cloves, orange, and chocolate is awesome in this crispy little bite. Be sure to google instructions on how to work with phyllo dough if it is new to you. It is easy to work with if you know what you are doing, but frustrating if not. Also, I found it much easier to mix the sugar and the spices, and sprinkle the nuts onto the phyllo separately. When you mix them all together they do not stay mixed (everything is dry and the sugar falls to the bottom of the bowl) and it's hard to get the proportions right. Finally, the chocolate drizzle needs something in the recipe to thin it. I found that when the melted chocolate chips are hot, they melted my plastic bag. When they cooled off enough to put in a bag, the chocolate was too thick to drizzle nicely over the cookies, and when it hardened it all fell off. I added some almond extract to try to fix this problem and while while it did not help, it sure tasted amazing in the chocolate!


They really were done in a second and they tasted fine too. But it bothers that the dough came out of oven really hard and the cookies were crumbly.

quickly made
Making it for diabetics

Would a sugar substitute such as Splenda work with these cookies instead of sugar?

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 38 weeks ago

My husband is a diabetic, and

My husband is a diabetic, and I have switched to truvia in my baking. Much better results than Splenda. Splenda is OK for puddings, fruit pies, but not so good for baked goods.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 36 weeks ago

You probably could.. I like

You probably could.. I like to use truvia or stevia instead of splenda.. it's better for you. I also discovered agave nectar instead of sugar, it has a low glycemic index...


These are fantastic, guilt free and not difficult to make! Plus a really fun shape.
We love them!


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