Loaded Spinach Salad

March/April 2007, The EatingWell Diet (2007)

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Like many spinach salads, this one features lots of chopped-up hard-boiled egg. But since most of the calories in an egg are in the yolk, this recipe uses just two whole eggs, plus the whites from six additional eggs, for a satisfying spinach salad that keeps the calories in check.

"tried it yesterday, except i had little crunchy salad toppers instead of nuts (who knew pecans are so expensive???) and ranch dressing. Yum!!!!! "
Loaded Spinach Salad

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I've been making this recipe for months and it's one of my favorites. However, I am not a fan of bleu cheese so I substitute ff ranch and it's delicious.

Janie Palmer, Portland, OR


Mmmmmmmm..... it looks so delicious!!

Darren, Woodlands, Si


This salad was very tasty. However, recent research has indicated that the lutein in egg yolks is much more effective at preventing age-related macular degeneration than any other source, even spinach. Since both my grandmothers suffered blindness from this condition in their later years, I shudder at the idea of tossing out the very thing that might help prevent it. I prefer to use fewer whole eggs while reaping the benefits of the nutrients and cut down on fat and calories in some other way.

Anonymous, Stoughton, MA

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 19 weeks ago

You are absolutely right on

You are absolutely right on this matter! I had already decided to make 4 hard-boiled eggs, 2 per serving. Eggs are nutritious, healthy, and delicious - I would never discard the yolks.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 25 weeks ago

Good for you! My sentiments

Good for you! My sentiments exactly...why on earth would you throw away those great egg yolks. The nix against egg yolks of yesteryear, has long been proven to be unfounded.


I made this salad one day and it was all I could think about the next. I rushed home to devour it and made if for friends again the very next day. As a vegetarian (and a salad fanatic) I look for ways to add protein to my salads to make them more filling. This has the eggs, the nuts, and the high-protein yogurt. The dressing is amazing--so creamy yet low-fat.

Anonymous, Washington, DC


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