Key Lime Pie

January/February 1994

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We tested this healthy Key lime pie quite a few times and no one got tired of it. We lightened the filling with nonfat condensed milk blended with tangy low-fat plain yogurt and continued the makeover with a topping of lovely golden meringue rather than whipped heavy cream. Use Key limes if you can find them, but common Persian limes work as well.

"Awesome! The best key lime pie EVER! "
Key Lime Pie Recipe

4 Reviews for Key Lime Pie

Be careful of your egg white product, meringue proportion was not correct for all products

I have made the older version of the Key Lime Pie from the Eating Well cookbook many times and it is delicious, although very time consuming with the cooked meringue top. I thought I would try this updated version with the dried egg whites. The meringue didn't turn out, I did question it when making it because the dried egg white powder product I purchased says 2 tablespoons of dried powder is equivalent to 1 egg white. I did think it was strange that the recipe was calling for only one egg white, esp with the required quantity of sugar. Well, needless to say the meringue was too flat and too sweet. So, I believe the recipe should call for the equivalent of 2 eggs whites, don't follow the 2 tablespoon directions! I will have to try the recipe again, but alas, for Easter today everyone will just have to scrape of the topping.

Healthier version of key lime pie
Not key lime pie as I know it

I was hoping for a low calorie/low fat key lime pie using fat free sweetened condensed milk that I'd never used before. I am from Florida and have made key lime pie many times from key limes and from Persian limes successfully. The pie lacked that tangy and sweet flavor of a key lime pie. I think the yogurt and gelatin was too much and diluted the flavor, besides giving it a weird texture. The amount of crumbs would not cover the 9 inch pie plate no matter how I patted them. Key lime pie NEVER has meringue on it, even if it's lower in fat. It's better to use low fat sour cream mixed with confectioners sugar on top than that. I'll keep looking for another recipe or just make the real thing and eat it as a splurge once in a while.

Low in calories
Not key lime pie as I know it

I grew up in Miami eating real key lime pie and I've also made it successfully with Persian limes. First, key lime pie never has have meringue, even though that might be lower in fat and calories. It's better to use low fat sour cream and confectioners sugar than meringue. The amount of crumbs was not enough to cover a 9 inch pie plate. No matter how I patted them, I could not get them to go up the sides enough. The filling does not have that tangy and sweet combination of flavors and is too gelatinous. I'm going to look for another recipe for a healthy key lime pie as this is not the one. We ate it as something sort of sweet and not too fattening but I wouldn't call it key lime pie.

Low in calories

Awesome! The best key lime pie EVER!


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