Jam-Filled Almond Muffins

Winter 2004

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A crunchy topping of sugared toasted almonds and a surprise filling of almond-scented berry jam makes these whole-wheat muffins reminiscent of Danish pastries. They are perfect for a special breakfast or brunch.

"A bit more breadlike in flavor although I actually cut down on the sugar a bit... and used natural Simply Strawberry which also has less sugar - but good and excellent for breakfast instead of bread and jam or something. Also I plan to...
Jam-Filled Almond Muffins

7 Reviews for Jam-Filled Almond Muffins

Delicious and Easy

I doubled the recipe using white whole wheat instead of the whole wheat (it was all I had) and made 12 with fig jam and 12 with sour cherry. I have only tried the fig so far and are incredibly delicious. They also look beautiful.
I did notice the batter was a bit thinner than normal muffin batter, but that means they turn out light and fluffy.
I will definitely make these again. Would make great gifts for the holidays.

Super quick to put together

Just made these and they came out great! Made a few changes to the batter: added a few tablespoons of flax seed, substituted apple sauce instead of oil, cut the all purpose flour in half and added half cup of oats.

Healthy, easy, can change recipe to your own tastes

This recipe is so good unfortunately the batter comes out thin and once you add a "large teaspoon" and more batter the jam tends to run out and stick to the muffin cup. I recommend not using too much jam. I used a variety of kinds, afig, apricot, raspberry, blueberry, and sour cherry, all were fantastic. The other pitfall, maybe my oven gets too hot, but I burned the bottome of these and they stuck to the cupcake wrapper. Next time i'll lower the heat, or take them out earlier. Recommend everyone try this though, so so so good!

Soft and flavorful
Portable Sandwich!

I'm not big on almonds, but I'm HUGE on PB&J. So instead of using the almonds as a topping, I crushed some unsalted peanuts and mixed about 2/3 cup in the batter and topped with more of them. No almond extract in the jam, either. Otherwise, I made the muffins by the recipe. They turned out amazing! It's like having a little pb&j sandwich without the sticky peanut butter mass on the roof of your mouth. These will definitely become a staple of my refrigerator.

Easy, Ingredients onhand
Light and yummy!

These sounded awesome. They rose beautifully in the muffin tins - however I had more batter than 12 tins would hold. Also, the batter was so loose, not at all like muffin batter to me - more like cake batter. It was very lumpy because of it being so loose but that didn't seem to make a difference. However, because of the really loose batter I did not put the jam in the center. I might be daring next time though because these were REALLY good! I do agree that they are more bread like in texture. Really surprising because I expected them to be more cake like since the batter was cake like!

healthy and pretty!

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