Indian Mango Dal

January/February 2010

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More than 60 different types of dal (or dhal) are made across India. The basic dish contains lentils or other legumes flavored with aromatics and spices. Here, yellow lentils (toor dal) and mango are cooked in a more traditionally Southern India style—more souplike. Both ripe and underripe mango will work: less-ripe mango imparts a tart flavor and holds its shape, while riper mango breaks down more during cooking and gives the dish a sweeter taste. Serve over basmati rice or with roasted chicken.

"Like others, I used red lentils, because that was what I had on hand. I cut down on prep time by using frozen mango, and used frozen cilantro cubes also. It comes together pretty quickly, and I have made it several times. I find that I...
Indian Mango Dal

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An easy to make "knock-em-dead-delicious" recipe

If you like curry dishes, this is going to make you happy. The flavors are divine: the nutritional value is excellent. What's not to like?

Like others, I use frozen mango (and I toss the into the pot without defrosting them ... not problem either). I'm also not fussy about the color of the lentils: I use what I have on hand. I also add between 2-4 tbsp. curry powder because I'm addicted to the stuff and the recipe doesn't have enough curry flavor for MY taste, but it could be plenty for yours. When I'm in the mood, I also toss in some golden raisins (about 1/4 c) which adds a nice additional level of flavor. I cook up a pot of brown basmati rice while I'm prepping the dal dish. When the rice is done, I add about 3 c. to the lentil mango mix, so I wind up with an Indian Mango Dal Stew. It's fabulous on its own, but you can knock it out of the park by passing around some Mango Chutney. This pairs nicely with a light salad. I've served this at several dinner parties and 1) never have leftovers if there are 6 guests of more and 2) am invariably asked for the recipe. For hubby and me, this will last for several days in the 'fridge and seems to get better each day. I keep some organic chicken broth around to add to the leftovers so there's always tasty juice as part of the dish. IMO, you can't go wrong with this dish if you happen to like Indian flavors.

Easy to make, impressive to guests and family

This is an excellent recipe. I would only tweak it by adding either more mango, or a little lime juice. It's warm and spicy, needs a little sweet / tartness to balance it. Maybe some honey and lime would go nicely here.

Warm and spicy, healthy and low-fat
SPICEY - but good!

I had to go buy the spices, but I was excited to try this recipe because I had mangos on hand. I ended up altering it a lot, just due to my lack of foresight. I had to buy black, pre-cooked lentils, no yellow at the store, forgot ginger, one mango was bad and I only had half of an onion. I also had to use my grinder to do the coriander since the store didn't already have ground, so that wasn't super fine. Honestly, besides the heat/spicyness of the dish, it was fun to make and turned out relatively well!

Yummy mango, easy
Brown lentils were used, over brown rice.
New fav lentil recipe

Amazingly good! Will be make many times in this household.

Easy, Yummy, Healthy
Great use of fresh mango

Mangos are in season right now, and they are amazing! I couldn't decide between green mango and mature mango, so I used one of each, and it was fantastic! Like many others, I couldn't find yellow lentils, so I used green, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I loved the sweetness of the mango paired with the spices. I served it over Madagascar pink rice, which has nice flavor and texture.

Indian Mango Dal over Madagascar pink rice

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