Indian Mango Dal

January/February 2010

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More than 60 different types of dal (or dhal) are made across India. The basic dish contains lentils or other legumes flavored with aromatics and spices. Here, yellow lentils (toor dal) and mango are cooked in a more traditionally Southern India style—more souplike. Both ripe and underripe mango will work: less-ripe mango imparts a tart flavor and holds its shape, while riper mango breaks down more during cooking and gives the dish a sweeter taste. Serve over basmati rice or with roasted chicken.

"Like others, I used red lentils, because that was what I had on hand. I cut down on prep time by using frozen mango, and used frozen cilantro cubes also. It comes together pretty quickly, and I have made it several times. I find that I...
Indian Mango Dal

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Made this during the US's east coast blizzard yesterday (after the power came back on). It was not as spicy as I thought it would be, so upped the cumin and added a half of cinnamon stick which went well w/ the mango. I used red lentils because I had them and they cooked up very quickly. Substituting veggie broth for half or all of the water would give it more body, too. No cilantro in the house so I squeezed lemon juice over each serving. A light, warm meal perfect for a snow-bound evening.


Made this for some friends and they wouldn't leave until they had the recipe! It was absolutely delish! I made it again and added some chicken and that turned out great as well.


This is absolutely delicious and surprisingly easy. My girlfriend and I both adored it. It has a very bright quality. It was not quite a full meal for me, so in the future I'd serve it alongside steamed veggies or leftover chicken.

This took me more than 40 minutes, but I think this is because I accidentally used Chana Dal rather than Toor Dal, which is a slightly different legume. I'm guessing with the right lentil, it would've been a much quicker meal.


I found this to be disappointingly bland, espeically with all the great aromatics going into it :( It also takes WAY more than 40 minutes total to make unless you have killer knife skills (which I don't). Just prepping the ginger, garlic, onion, and mango, and picking through the lentils, took 30 minutes alone. I usually love the E.W. stuff, but this one was not a winner for me.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 3 days ago

Then why did you rate it five

Then why did you rate it five stars?!


Popular with the entire family - including 8 and 10 year old.


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