Hungarian Beef Goulash

January/February 2008

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This streamlined goulash skips the step of browning the beef, and instead coats it in a spice crust to give it a rich mahogany hue. This saucy dish is a natural served over whole-wheat egg noodles. Or, for something different, try prepared potato gnocchi or spaetzle.

"Sounds good, but I've never had goulash with tomatos in it. Once upon a time had a wonderful recipe, but over the years it's disappeared, and since my memory is far from good I'm sure I'll make a beef soup. What I do remember is AT...

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Was in Budapest in October and had the real Hungarian goulash twice while there in some of their great and renowned restaurant. This recipe would make Hungarians angry. It is an insult to their style of cooking. So Please remove the word Hungarian from the recipe and simply state Goulash.

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 3 weeks ago

As a first generation

As a first generation Hungarian, I completely agree with you. I was aghast at adding Italian seasoning to this dish... Of course, the ingredients weren't actually the Hungarian ones to begin with. Yes, let's remove Hungarian from the title...

Very good but with a few changes!

I also found this 'goulash' too thin for my liking, so when it done I added instant potato flakes and it thickened nicely. Just kept adding until it seemed right. Wonderful flavours!

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 38 weeks ago

Grew up on it but different

Grew up on it but different version, but we mix flour and sour cream in a bowl separately wisk until all lumps are out, then add some juice in the bowl, keep whisking, then add to pot. And it has to be Hungarioan paprika not just Paprika

Very enjoyable

I used crushed tomatoes, which gives a more 'creamy' result and I left out the broth: my experience is that slow cooker dishes end up with more juice than you anticipate from the ingredients.
I think that the bay leaves on top is a great idea.

Easy recipe
Hungarian style Goulash
Not Hungarian Goulash

Ridiculous to call this a Hungarian Goulash. Forget caraway seeds and canned tomatoes! Make a flavorful sauce with lots of onions and paprika, pepper, cayenne and other seasonings. Add some sour cream at the end


I personally don't care if this isn't "authentic" Hungarian goulash, it is still a delicious meal. However, it was way too soupy. The cornstarch mixture didn't thicken up the sauce at all, so we ended up just using a slotted spoon to serve with to avoid getting too much liquid and not enough meat. I also used a yellow pepper because that's what I had on hand. Next time I make this, I'm not even going to bother adding the can of beef broth; I don't really think it adds anything extra to the meal other than liquid, and seeing how much liquid we had leftover, it's just a waste of broth.

Filling, hearty, but light on calories

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