Hollandaise Sauce

April 1998

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Bring back eggs Benedict with our lightened-up Hollandaise sauce. Here we thicken buttermilk with cornstarch; a touch of butter and fresh lemon creates a pleasant, tangy sauce that has only 1 gram of fat per tablespoon. It's great drizzled over steamed vegetables.

"This recipe is awesome and does not taste like it's missing anything: healthy but every bit delicious. My husband who is not often fooled hooked about the fact that he knew this was not "light" but he was wrong. It does take a while to...
Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

11 Reviews for Hollandaise Sauce

Prefer this to the original

I've always found Hollandaise excessively rich and a little "one-note." This recipe has changed my mind. The variations listed led me to do a little research to see if there might be more options. Turns out Hollandaise is a "mother sauce" - Wikipedia lists 15 derivatives. This one is technically "Sauce Noisette" because of the browned butter. I decided to mix & match and came up with Sauce Noisette-Girondine-Bavaroise (by adding 1 tsp. dijon and some finely minced fresh thyme). Also reduced the lemon to 2 teaspoons. Extremely happy with the result.

Quick, easy, delicious, and low fat!!!

This recipe is so easy. Foolproof! I used non fat milk and added 1 tbsp. lemon to make the buttermilk. I added the lemon juice to the sauce and then thickened on the stove. I should have added the lemon juice after the sauce was removed from the heat. Turned out great. I used a Meyer Lemon the first time I made it. The Meyer Lemon is a cross of Mandarin Orange and Lemon. Just a touch of sweetness. The second time I made it with a Eureka Lemon. It has the tart flavor you find in Hollandaise sauce. Both were awesome. I used this sauce on chicken and rice, dinner, and desset crepes. I am so pleased. Thank you for passing it along.

Easy directions, fast, and delicious.
Beautiful texture, flavor, and light!

Soooo easy to make. I thought I messed up because I put the lemon juice in the medium saucepan till it thickened. Should have put it in with butter after removing it from the stove. Turned out great. I used a Meyer Lemon instead of the regular Eureka Lemon. The Meyer Lemon is a blend of mandarin and lemon. Awesome for desserts. The sauce was just a little sweet and not the tart lemon flavor. My mind started thinking. This sauce would be great for dinner crepes with chicken and vegetable filling.
It would be great on top of roasted chicken and rice. I haven't been so pleased with a low fat recipe like this one in a while. I made it the second time with a Eureka lemon and wow its great too. I think it may be just a smidge better for eggs benedict. I can't say enough great things about this recipe. I am so jazzed. Thank you for passing this recipe along.

Quick, easy, flavorful, and low fat!

I also don't think I'll go back to the real thing. This was excellent!! It didn't look like it was going to thicken...and then all of a sudden it was perfect. The magic of cornstarch...

as good as the real thing, but without the guilt

My husband is obsessed with eggs benedict. I love poached eggs, but the hollandaise sauce always upset my health-conscious stomach. This is a fabulous solution for us. We both love this sauce, and will never go back to the regular kind. It also has way less tendency to curdle like regular hollandaise. Thank you!

low fat, fast, doesn't curdle

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