Green Bean Casserole

November/December 2008

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This healthy revision of green bean casserole skips the canned soup and all the fat and sodium that come with it. Our white sauce with sliced fresh mushrooms, sweet onions and low-fat milk makes a creamy, rich casserole.

"Very Good. I used fresh green beans instead of the frozen french cut and used the French fried onions (purchased in a carton) on top. I also will leave out the buttermilk powder the next time I make it as it adds more of a sour taste...

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Any suggestions on how to take this amazing recipe and also make it GLUTEN/WHEAT FREE???


LOVED this!!!!!! It blows those things with canned mushroom soup out of the water.


I will try it ! Thanks ! And the other re-makes too.
I will rate this 3, so I can post.
Will use evap milk, creamier I think, and 1T lemon juice or vinegar to turn it into buttermilk.
Skip the thyme and salt.
Use fresh green beans I got for 69 cents a # for the holiday, pre-cook.

One thing, housewives/cooks 55 yrs ago wanted fast and easy, and were easily persuaded to buy prepared and especially canned foods. Look at all the measuring here. Not that that will dissuade me, but for a busy mom the condensed soups were a Godsend.
And thats how we grew up not knowing how anything really was supposed taste. We were Campbell Kids, ha ha. It doesn't matter how many bananas I put in my banana nut bread, it cries for artificial flavor, that's the flavor I aim for.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 47 weeks ago

I totally agree! This

I totally agree! This version is no where near low calorie/fat! I do the same as you and it tastes perfectly fine to me! =)


I am sure that this is a vast improvement over traditional Green Bean Casserole. However, it misses the most important feature for the everyday cook. Simplicity. For those who love this recipe, that is one of the main draws...a can of this, a can of're done. I think that if you can find a way to simplify this recipe, you will have a winner.


I have not made this dish but probably will. My comment is for those who swear by using canned cream soups....YUCK....have any of you who use that nasty stuff in a can ever read the ingredients? That stuff is disgusting with so much gross ingredients added like CHICKEN FAT. I mean, really, why would anyone willing eat something with CHICKEN FAT, MSG, and other disgusting crap added.....EEE-YUCK, IMO.

Even though I haven't made this recipe yet, I rated it a 4 because it simply has got to be better than making this dish with canned soup. Quit being lazy people and start making things from scratch-your health will thank you.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 8 weeks ago

You have to try for a little

You have to try for a little sympathy for people who are trying to change their habits. I used to be used to processed foods, and it took awhile for my palate to change. I realized that it had when I made a box of Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes, a childhood favorite, and was shocked at the chemical taste.

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