Greek Iced Coffee

Summer 2004

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This frothy delight is a great summer treat when the summer heat makes hot coffee less appealing.

"I too didn't realize there needed to be a recipe for coffee + ice + whatever :P "
Greek Iced Coffee

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So Good

These are served in Greek cafes all over NYC, Astoria and in Greece. They are so good. I've never liked instant coffee and always thought frappes (pronounced frappay) like this were made with a fine espresso because they taste so good. Can't believe how simple the ingredients are. I always use a blender at home and that helps, but it never comes out as good as it does in the cafes.

Light, Frothy, Delicious

I too didn't realize there needed to be a recipe for coffee + ice + whatever :P


This is the classic summer ( and not only) coffee type we greeks call Frappe. It calls for a teaspoon of instant coffee ( like Nestle Nescafe) in a glass (long drink glass not a soda glass), add suger if you like and a tablespoon of water, mix with the machine we use to mix drinks until it doubles its volume and is like a foam. Then add the milk ( a shot of evaporated milk is the standard quantity). Add about 3-4 ice cubes ( depends on how slowly you want to drink your coffe) and top the glass with iced water. Use a drinking straw to mix and that's it. It makes a nice afternoon drink if instead of milk you use irish cream liquer or more of a snack if instead of milk you scoop a ball of vanilla ice cream.


When I read all the comments here and tried it, it tasted okay-ish, but I decided to change it a little bit and it tasted great.
Here's my variation of it:
2-3 tea spoons of instant coffee
2-3 tea spoons of sugar
2 tea spoons of condensed milk
1/4 cup of hot water (to melt the coffee, sugar, and condensed milk in order to mix it together properly)
1/4 cup of cool or cold water
4 ice cubes
-Shake it all together for about 30 seconds or more-
Now add 1/4 or 1/3 of milk

If you do this I promise that it'll taste great, well to sweet lovers it will, the condensed milk adds a lot more sweetness to the coffee. And wha la, great tasting coffee in the comfort of your own home.


i havent tried this yet but it looks great so i think i might. i might try adding a little cocoa to make it a mocha


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