Garlic-Roasted Pork (Pernil)

September/October 2007

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Though traditional Puerto Rican cuisine may favor fatty cuts of pork with the skin on, lean cuts like pork loin are just as delicious with the intense garlic rub in this recipe. Serve warm with Island Red Beans and rice. Leftover slices make a good sandwich.

"I am Puerto Rican and always chose pork loin. My husband is white and always seems to choose the fatty pieces of pork, but that just happens to be, because it is cheaper!!!!! "
Garlic-Roasted Pork (Pernil)

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"Garlic-Roasted Pork Loin" would clarify the recipe at a glance.

Do yourself a favor and follow the recipe exactly. It's delicious and needs no changes or adjustments at all.

The flavor makes it taste more complicated than it is!
Loved it!

Wasn't sure what I'd think of this when I read the recipe, but I tried it anyway. Loved it and so did my spouse. In fact, I couldn't keep him away from what should have been the leftovers. Can't wait to come up with something interesting for the rest of the leftovers: pork curry? pork paprikash soup?

easy, delicious, different
A simple and appetizing meal

This was delicious but in no way was it ready in the time suggested. We will have this again.

Simple, great aroma. lo-cost
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Bethany_129 wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Are you sure your oven

Are you sure your oven thermostat is properly calibrated? Just sayin'... I used a larger roast than the recipe (2 1/2 instead of 2 lb) and it definitely was ready in about 65 minutes.

Best Pork Recipe ever

This Pork recipe has become a regular in my household. Instead of using just oregano I like to use a blend of equal parts oregano, thyme, and basil, with a little crushed rosemary thrown in. The left over pork makes a fabulous wrap with lettuce, tomato and a little low fat mayo or sour cream.

Easy and relatively quick to prepare
Juicy and flavorful

This recipe is great. I've brined pork loin before and this recipe equals in flavor but is easier to prepare. I marinated my loin for a whole day, left a little of the fat on it for flavor. If you cut the fatty layer crosswise and roast it fat side up the result is a wonderful crust. My loin was huge so I adjusted the temperature to 400 and roasting time to 1.5 hours. Added a 1/4 cup of white wine to the roasting pan after 1 hour and the roast came of juicy and perfect.

Easy to prepare

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