Frozen Raspberry Pie

August/September 2006

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This creamy, luscious pie is made by combining a fluffy cooked meringue with a raspberry puree, then pouring the mixture into a chocolate-cookie crust.

"Couldn't you just use store bought chocolate cookie crust? Or would that change the flavor? "
Frozen Raspberry Pie

6 Reviews for Frozen Raspberry Pie

Awesome frozen raspberry pie!!

I made a graham cracker crust just because I am not a fan of chocolate wafers, and followed the recipe exactly and it was beautiful!!
I am making a pineapple coconut version this weekend.
I will call it a piña colada frozen pie.

Easy to make, refreshing, delicious and low calorie!
It looks better than it tastes.

In a few ways this dessert didn't meet my expectations and that is the reason for my "ok" rating. Although a good dessert it lacks in some important qualities. As stated in the cons, the crust is rock solid and is very hard to cut through. Second the filling is too bitter. I followed the recipe to a T. There is too much lemon/salt flavor in the filling. I was really hoping for a frozen sorbet type of flavor, so if you are too, this is not the dessert for you. This is the second time I've made it. I would make it again with more sugar in the filling, and a different crust...perhaps using chocolate graham crackers for a base. Hope you find this review a help. :) It is worth a try I suppose, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend the recipe.

Overall, for what it is, this dessert is good.

Couldn't you just use store bought chocolate cookie crust? Or would that change the flavor?


Ruthi, I think this would work very well with your other local fruits, but you probably would want to change the crust from chocolate to graham cracker crust. The second time you make it you might want to try adding a little bit of spice to your tropical fruit, such as nutmeg, ginger, or cinnamon if you like spiced fruits, but I'm sure it's great plain.


Can I use other kind of fruits? I live in a country where rasbarry is very expensive!
Maybe mango, peaches or plums?
I appreciate your answer.

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Anonymous wrote 26 weeks 6 days ago

Getting the meringue up to

Getting the meringue up to 160-F in three minutes over a pot of boiling water is simply impossible! Totally ridiculous instructions!
By the time it is up to 120-F, the mix is ruined.


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