Flemish Beef Stew

February/March 2006

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For this slow-cooker interpretation of Carbonnades Flamandes, a Flemish stew made with beer, if you can't find a brown ale, use a strong, dark beer (but not a stout).

"I used Hobgoblin beer and no seeds. My husband loves it and he hates stews. "
Flemish Beef Stew

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One of our Go-To meals!

I never use the caraway seeds but other than that follow the recipe to a T. One of our go-to recipes. We often use venison in place of the beef only because we have it and it's free. :) We often serve it over boiled potatoes. I love that it's made in the crock-pot - I can get it ready in the morning and when I come home - dinner is served! :)

Easy, tasty, healthy
there are no carrots or mushrooms in Flemish Beef stew

I am from Flanders and have been making this stew for 30 years. the recipe is simple: 2 onions, 2 lobs of stew meat, pungent mustard, dark abbey beer. Glaze onions, rub meat with mustard and sear. poor beer over meat and onions, add a few bay leaves, salt, pepper and thyme. Bring to a boil reduce heat and cook for minimum 3 hours to get the right flavor. You cannot make this in 45 minutes. The meat will be tough. Carrots and mushrooms don't mix well with beer and mustard. They give a rancid flavor and should be cooked separately. The best way to serve is with Belgian fries, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes or bread. Best sides: fresh apple sauce, green beans or a simple tomato and cucumber salad. Keep it simple and cook it long!

American, version
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 37 weeks ago

I'm going to try your recipe

I'm going to try your recipe but I am not sure what pungent mustard is. Is it in powder form or creamy?

Anonymous wrote 2 years 23 weeks ago

Sorry, I misread the recipe:

Sorry, I misread the recipe: cooking for 8 hours in a slow cooker will work for sure. Be careful, because the beer will foam. Wait to leave the pot alone until the foam is gone.

Excellent, even dumb downed

I skipped the caraway seeds and step #2 -- I just browned the beef and then dumped everything in the crock pot. It turned out fantastic! I used Yeungling Porter. I also cooked a side of barley (yay! Healthy whole grains!), which made a perfect addition.

It's a hit

I forgot the mustard, but otherwise made as written. I'm a good cook, and was completely taken by surprise because I just thought this looked an easy dinner for a tired day.
My cooker requires more water, and since I didn't have dark beer I used an ale but added a Tblspn of molasses to compensate.
My husband said - this is delicious. It is now my go-to stew.
I did remove all the solids, then made a gravy using the liquids, but otherwise needed no flavour adjustments. Incredible.

Recipe works, excellent flavour
Not the best I ever HAD, but the best I ever MADE

As an American living in Belgium for a few years, I have had my share of fantastic Flemish beef stew. I will not say this is just as good, but it is still delicous and evokes the same flavors. I used a tip that I learned from a restaurant in Ghent known for their beef stew- combine a dark beer with a cherry beer. I was really pleased with how this came our and will definitely make again.


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