Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

January/February 2012

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This spicy chicken stew, generously seasoned with the Ethiopian spice mix berbere, is loaded with tomato and red lentils. Depending on brand, berbere spice blend can be rather spicy. For a less spicy stew, start with 3 tablespoons spice blend rather than 5.

Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

29 Reviews for Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

Great Recipe - Too Spicy + More Veggies

After looking at the other reviews, I used 1.5 Tbsp of the Berbere spice, and was still a bit too spicy (the spice overwhelmed the delicious flavors)! Otherwise, a great dish and the chicken turned out perfect after putting in the crock pot for 5 hours on high. Next time, I will lower to less than 1 Tbsp of Berbere, put the lentils in after a few hours, and add more vegetables like carrots and bell peppers.

Spicy goodness

We tried this for the first time last night. Loving spicy foods, but unsure of the Berbere strength, we compromised on the suggestion and used 4 Tbsp of the Penzy's brand Berbere. It was just right (meaning - very potent, nose-running, but not tongue-lacerating). For most people this level would be considered "very spicy", so know your limits.

We had to put some salt in each bowl to really bring the flavor out, but that little bit did the trick.

We also scaled back the chicken to 1.75 lb to focus more on the veggie content, but that's the great thing about stews - you can tweak them until your heart's content.

The mixture of flavors is superb - the cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon bring sweetness to complexly balance with the cayenne heat.

Incredible mix of flavors

One of my family's favorites! Added tumeric, saffron, diced tomatoes, and carrots. Worked up to the 5 tablespoons of bebere eventually!!

Very healthy and delicious!

I used only 3 tablespoons and less than 3 lbs of chicken. it was still spicey but tolerable. It was too much meat for me even at less than 3 lbs. Still I loved it and will make it regularly.

healthy, delicious, easy to prep
The smell is out of this world

I have not even tasted this dish yet and I couldn't help myself I had to do a review. If this dish tastes as good as it smells I'm sure I will be making it often. I didn't take the time to read the other reviews but a little tip to add to the tip for the ber ber spice. I didn't go to the website that was recommended but i did shop around online for fenugreek because I couldn't find it in stores. Tip for those who can't find fenugreek go to an Indian grocery store. I basically got a lifetime supply for $1.49 when all other vendors I checked were charging from $9.00 all the up to $20.00. I'll update this when I taste.


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