Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

January/February 2012

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This spicy chicken stew, generously seasoned with the Ethiopian spice mix berbere, is loaded with tomato and red lentils. Depending on brand, berbere spice blend can be rather spicy. For a less spicy stew, start with 3 tablespoons spice blend rather than 5.

Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

29 Reviews for Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

So Flavorful!

This is one of our all-time favorite new recipes. We had the spices on hand that we purchased from a specialty shop in Vermont. It can easily be ordered online. I doubled the amount of ginger and garlic listed for even more flavor. It was way too spicy for my 5 year old, but my husband and I have been eating it for days. Well worth stirring in chopped parsley before serving. It adds a punch of freshness.

Big flavor, nutritious, spicy
Way too much berbere

I followed this recipe exactly. I'm not familiar with berbere so I used it exactly as indicated. Five tablespoons of it rendered the dish inedible. I'll make the same recipe today but I'll try one tablespoon of berbere. Though I and my family like spicy and even very hot foods, the result here tells me something is way off. Perhaps there are different strengths of berbere?

Pleasant aroma, easy to prepare,
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 45 weeks ago

I think you may be right. I

I think you may be right. I bough my berbere from local natural foods store and with 5 tablespoons it was spicy but on the upper limit of my ability. I do eat spicy food. You can also make your own berbere mix (there are plenty of recipes online) and go easy on chile in it.

Lovely Jubbly CUrry

Followed this recipe to the letter but used the berbere substitute tip (Garam masala) instead of the real mccoy. We thought it was a very good recipe, nice and spicy, dark and a little drier than the usual homemade curries we make which was a thumbs up. Cooked 500g of boneless chicken thighs for about 7.5hrs on low which was fine but the leftovers kinda disappeared when we reheated it a day or so late so maybe 6.5hrs is better for us.

Different to the average homemade curry
Tastey but HOT

It would benefit everyone if Eating Well modified the ingredient list to show 3-5 Tbsp of the Berbere spice (instead of putting it in a note). I made it with 5 Tbsp of Penzey's Berbere and we're eating it over brown rice, but it would be too hot for most people. I will make it again- with 3 Tbsp Berbere. I also added a couple of carrots in large pieces. We liked the fact that it was stew-like and the lentils weren't distinguishable.

Easy to make ahead
be careful of the berbere

my husband made this for us yesterday - he is a wonderful cook so imagine his surprise when we couldn't eat it- the berbere at 5 tbsps is way over the top- it was unedible - thank goodness for chinese take out - i would like him to try it again but in all honesty the recipe would probably be perfect at 1 tsps of the berbere - as one other person commented "eating well" should definitely caution about this spice

aroma is wonderful

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