Elise's Sesame Noodles

Summer 2004, The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook (2005)

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Whole-wheat pasta bolsters fiber and nutrients in this popular Asian noodle salad. The recipe is from Annelise Stuart of Germantown, New York.

"I added garlic and ginger paste to the dressing and it was delicious! "
Elise's Sesame Noodles

45 Reviews for Elise's Sesame Noodles

Needed to add lots to give flavor

This recipe was super quick and easy with lots of healthy ingredients, however it "needed something"- for sure. I added ginger, garlic, thai peanut sauce- anything to add some flavor. It still wasn't enough. I really liked the idea of this recipe so I think I'll try it again with some lean asian seasoned beef (think beef brocolli) and for a vegetarian, teriyaki soaked tofu.

Easy, Healthy, Fast

Note: stir fry peas, bell,onion.
Add1/2 tsp ea. crush garlic & ginger to dsrg.
Halve noodle & dsrg.

A recipe that needs a lot of "tweaking"

I tried this recipe based on the number of stars from previous reviews. I did not read the reviews one by one. You will find that the most common comment was I used this instead of that and it was good! In my opinion, the recipe requires to much tweaking to taste good. I'm sorry but the recipe on it's own does not taste good.

Question about soy sauce amount

What is the ACTUAL amount of soy sauce in the recipe? 1/2 cup is surely a mistake for only a pound of pasta. For 8 servings the sodium figures out to about 2000mg/serving, and you only list 500mg, so this must be about 4X too much soy sauce? And yes, I looked at a "Low Sodium" soy sauce bottle to make my calculations.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 45 weeks ago

The recipe calls for half a

The recipe calls for half a cup of soy sauce. Half a cup=8 tablespoons. A serving of soy sauce is 1 tablespoon. So in this recipe there are 8 servings of soy sauce. The noodles are said to make 8 servings, the same number as tablespoons of soy sauce. In other words, each serving of sesame noodles will have one tablespoon of soy sauce, exactly the serving size listed on the bottle. So whatever the sodium count for one serving is on your soy sauce bottle, that's the sodium count for the serving of sesame noodles.

Eating Well lists its nutrition facts as per serving, not per recipe.

Has great potential

I tried this tonight and felt it was too heavy on the soy sauce. I think all of the ingredients go together very well but the soy sauce overpowered the taste of the other ingredients. I had to drizzle it with honey to tone down the soy sauce. Next time I make this I will cut the soy sauce in ahalf.

Great indredients to mix together.

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