Egyptian Edamame Stew

January/February 2007, EatingWell for a Healthy Heart Cookbook (2008)

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A riff on the Egyptian classic ful medames, a highly seasoned fava bean mash, this version is made with easier-to-find edamame. Edamame (fresh green soybeans) have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol. They can be found shelled in the freezer section of well-stocked supermarkets. This stew is great served with couscous, bulgur or warm whole-wheat pita bread to soak up the sauce.

"If you love the "Mexican" flavors of cumin and cilantro, you will love this easy, quick to table meal. Just made tonight and served over brown basmati rice. This is so good, easy, and flavorful, it reminds me why eating vegetarian at...
Egyptian Edamame Stew

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Tried it in a crockpot

I sliced all the ingredients with the exception of cilantro and lemon juice. It turned out ok but I wish I had either cut the zucchini larger or added it later but the zucchini got mushy. Next time I'll add more cayenne, and salt.

Quick and Easy
Quick and delicious

A simple and quick dish to cook for dinner with guests. Tastes really yummy too!

Quick to cook, healthy

I love cumin, zucchini and tomatoes and don't eat much meat so when I read the ingredients I knew that I would like it. My family, on the other hand, when they saw it thought right away that they wouldn't like it. After trying some, however, it was a hit! Don't let the words 'vegetarian' and seeing all the veggies turn you off...This is delicious! And I didn't eat it with rice or couscous, but by itself. I would add a smidge of salt. Note: I followed the recipe exactly, no subs

Fast, easy, ingredients readily available, healthy, vegetarian, not to heavy
Egyptian Stew...
Not bad for a cool autumn night

I made this last night using cilantro instead of mint and served over bulgur wheat. The acidity of the dish is a bit much for my sensitive stomach, I ended up adding cojita cheese to mellow it out a bit (and what dish doesn't need cheese!).


I made this recipe last night for the first time and LOVED it! I served it over bulgur and used the suggested mint instead of cilantro. I also left out the coriander because I didn't have any on hand. The dish had a very refreshing taste and, like someone else mentioned, the leftovers were excellent too with the flavors better melded together. Even my husband was quick to grab some leftovers to take to work today, and he's usually VERY skeptical of any meal without meat! Quick to put together, healthy, and delicious - I'll definitely prepare this meal again!


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