Eggplant & Chickpea Stew

January/February 2011

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This tasty vegetarian stew, studded with plenty of eggplant and protein-rich chickpeas, is reminiscent of ratatouille. The eggplant breaks down and makes a saucier stew if you peel it before cooking, but you can certainly leave the peel on if you prefer. Serve over quinoa or soft polenta with sautéed spinach on the side.

Eggplant & Chickpea Stew Recipe

15 Reviews for Eggplant & Chickpea Stew

Missing ingredient

I made this after craving vegetables and looking for something that I could eat soon after getting home from work without too much work (I did steps 2-4 the night before then threw it in the crock pot the next morning).

I left out the mushrooms because I'm not a fan, but otherwise followed the directions. I saw tips of cubing the eggplant prior to roasting, which I think would make it a lot less messy. When it was finished it was good, but I felt that it was missing something. It took me a while to figure out, but now seems so obvious, that missing ingredient is cheese! The only cheese I had on hand were grated parm and cheddar, so I opted for the parm and it was immensely better. I imagine mozzarella would be ideal, so when I reheat it (I plan on freezing the batch), I'll be sure to have some.

Don't Even Attempt This One

I ate all of this, since I'm on a budget and I made it. I will admit that it froze well. When I finally got rid of the last frozen container, I was never so glad. No more bad lunches.

The flavors seemed like they were going a bit for Moroccan, but this isn't anything like those heavenly flavor combinations.

I wanted to find something to entice with eggplant, and the eggplant was good after being roasted, but that flavor didn't transfer to the stew itself.

This stew was a bit on the mushy side--nothing new with a stew--but the combination of flavors never melded together well. It was edible, but not something to savor. It felt like it was missing a base flavor, that something on the bottom of the palate to give it a steadiness.

Even adding in a dollop of sour cream didn't make it any better. In fact, it was easier to get it down without the sour cream, which is a feat.

Look away -- cook something else!

It freezes well.
Very tasty, but recipe could be improved

For starters, it tasted delicious! Some things I would change though: Cut up the eggplant BEFORE roasting and only cook just barely long enough to get it a bit cooked, a full 20 min. leaves it mushy. The tomatoes are messy, but you can just barely chop them and add the sauce from the can. I also doubled most of the spices, especially the bay leaf, cinnamon, salt and pepper, made the whole thing have a bit more depth of flavor.

delicious! crock pot recipe
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Anonymous wrote 2 years 21 weeks ago

You can chop canned whole

You can chop canned whole tomatoes by scissors in a can. :>

odd flavor/mushy

I really like eggplant, garbonzo beans, tomatoes and mushrooms but for some reason the flavor of this seemed odd to me and I would have liked the eggplant to have more texture. Perhaps it is the porcini mushrooms that threw it off for me flavor wise. It overpowered the dish. If I were to make it again I would skip the mushrooms, add cumin and chili and cook it on a stove top with precooked garbonzo beans to keep the eggplant from getting quite so cooked down.

Some of my favorite ingredients
Tasty and filling

Found it tasty and very filling. Served it over quinoa yesterday and am going to serve it over polenta tonight. My husband loved it too.

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