EatingWell Diet Breakfast Smoothie

The EatingWell Diet (2007)

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This formula will work with just about any combination of fruit and juice. Apple juice is a nice choice for its versatility but don't overlook some of the more interesting varieties available these days like cherry, apricot or papaya.

"355 calories sounds like alot for just fruit and yogurt "
EatingWell Diet Breakfast Smoothie

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Nutritional facts seem inaccurate

As other people have commented the nutritional information here seems way out - I realize different apps calculate things a bit differently but using the ingredients listed here I can only get it to 255: 1cup non fat vanilla yogurt = 120, 1cup of raspberries = 64, 1/2cup blueberries = 41, and 1/4cup apple juice = 30, total 255. There is also a lot of sugar here from the flavored yogurt, juice and vanilla in the yogurt. I swapped vanilla for plain yogurt and juice for light soya milk and threw in a few almonds which lowered the sugar a little and upped the protein and kept me feeling full. Also it had a thicker, more smoothie like consistency which makes me feel I am getting something more substantial. The inaacuracy in the nutritional facts though does make me question other recipes here, which is a shame.

Quick and easy for on the go
Great tasting and filling

This is a great tasting smoothie! I like it because you can make any flavors you'd like. I use orange juice and mixed berries to make mine. I have NO idea why the carbs count is so high. I plugged the listed stats into my Weight Watchers online and it said 9 points. I freaked out and plugged each item in manually and it came down to 3. Don't go by these nutrition facts, I think they might be way wrong.

Taste, filling, quick, versatile

355 calories sounds like alot for just fruit and yogurt

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 6 weeks ago

So what if it has a lot of

So what if it has a lot of calories, it's still good for you, fruit has calories in, don't count calories it's just stupid if its healthy so what if it has lots of calories there's nothing artificial in it. What I say is if its healthy eat/drink it

Anonymous wrote 3 years 47 weeks ago

I've replaced the juice with

I've replaced the juice with water, still comes out fine and far less calories


Much better if you use tofu instead of yogurt and add some almond or pecans!


You can make it "skinnier" by using non fat yogurt such as stonyfield. I don't see where 335 calories comes from in this recipe.


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