Easy Salmon Cakes

Winter 2004, EatingWell Serves Two, The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004)

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If you are trying to boost your intake of omega-3s, try this simple favorite. It is a great way to use convenient canned (or leftover) salmon. The tangy dill sauce provides a tart balance.

"''Crumbs from the crust have more fiber, so it's good to use them. '' There is nothing true about this statement at all. "

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I love salmon and have been hoping to find a good weeknight dinner recipe using canned boneless skinless sockeye since it's much less expensive than fresh salmon filet. This was a *total* home run. I followed the instructions exactly the first time, but in subsequent rounds I have started to omit the onion and saute the patties in a minute amount of butter brushed on both sides (less than 1 tsp. per patty). I think it helps the patties stick together to let the mixture sit for ten minutes so the breadcrumbs can absorb a bit of moisture , but the staying-together issue has been a little hit or miss for me. I didn't make the sauce, I was happy with the patties and a simple salad on their own. I also tried this with chopped raw shrimp and it was awesome, too. This kind of find is exactly why I love EatingWell!


I loved these! They were very easy to make. If you are a squeamish person beware with the canned salmon, you really have to get your hands dirty picking out the bones and spines but it's really not that gross.

I was afraid these would be really dry because the mix seemed that way but I made them exactly as prescribed and they came out perfect.

The creamy dill sauce is a MUST to accompany them, though. I made extra, and added a little salt to that as I thought it needed it.

Definitely making again!


i made these tonight, i am from florida so i love sea food and made these with Manhattan clam chowder soup, they were good. i think i made them a little too thin but i did everything the recipe says except no parsley, i added the veggies in raw like the one person suggested and added one tablespoon mayo like another suggested. unfortunately i only had butter and no olive oil tonight so thats what i seared the bottoms of the cakes with in the pan. olive oil would have been much better and then when it says to flip them over onto the baking sheet i didn't understand if they meant the side already seared in the pan or the raw side up so i did half and half and the half that i had already cooked faced down didn't stick so that was a plus. i think an addition of some olive oil and salt right into the mix would be good. but all the bread crumbs were needed to make it all stick together. so anyways all in all they were really good healthy home made salmon cakes.


To overcome the dryness, use crumbled crackers (yes, there are whole wheat ones) and soak them in milk, just enough so the crackers soak it up and are moist. You can use breadcrumbs if you wish, but my family used crackers. Love salmon cakes!


These comments were great because they addressed a couple of problems I have had in the past when fixing salmon patties. I'll use their suggestions tonight and hope to overcome the drynessissue by adding liquid from the can and the holding together issue by rolling in breadcrumbs. In the past I rolled them in seasoned flour. I've also found that putting the patties in the frig for a while before frying/baking helps them hold together better.

Patricia, Irvine, CA


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