Dijon Chicken Stew

November/December 2010

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This satisfying stew stars chunks of chicken and tender braised escarole in a flavorful Dijon wine sauce. Try it with boneless, skinless chicken thighs or pork tenderloin, if you prefer. It doubles easily in the same pot. Serve with rustic whole-grain bread.

"I also used baby spinach because escarole wasn't available. Likewise...I only had thighs on hand. Added more chicken stock, cooked thighs for a bit, removed and added arborio rice. Returned the chicken to the pot. It was a very...
Dijon Chicken Stew

18 Reviews for Dijon Chicken Stew

Very good. Has a different taste from most stews.

Very tasty, easy, and it doesn't make a lot. Perfect for me and my husband. I also like the fact it is low in calories.

This one is a keeper.

Very easy and quick recipe.
Weird, but good

I had leftover dijon and white wine from another recipe, so I gave this a try. I substituted baby spinach in place of the elusive escarole. Baby spinach is also a time saver since it doesn't have to be chopped. The only other change I made was to add an additional teaspoon or so of dijon. Shallots, garlic, and rosemary smell wonderful together.

The stew is...unusual. Visually, it kind of resembles Italian wedding soup...that someone threw up. I had hoped the corn starch would thicken more than it did, but that's just because I prefer thick stews. Overall, this meal works. If you like strong, tangy flavors this is tasty. It needs more salt though.

Comes together quickly

this was so delicious! made with couscous as well.

A huge success

This is a great recipe to work with if you don't have the exact ingredients. I, too, didn't use escarole. Instead of that, I used potatoes, carrots, kale & artichoke hearts. The organic previously frozen chicken breasts were tender- I wouldn't use thighs. Even my somewhat picky husband and son liked it. I'll definetely make it again.

Too many flavors

I followed the recipe to a "T" as well. I am an excellent cook. But, first, the concept of "stewing" breast meat chicken and escarole will dry out the meat, and the escarole will just get bitter. Plus, there was way too much wine, mustard, rosemary, etc. and these flavors just all opposed each other in a negative way. I would consider modifying the recipe (like, 1/4 cup of wine, half as much mustard) but I still have an issue with cooking white meat chicken in a "stew" broth. Thigh meat would be better for sure, and not cut in chunks, but torn apart to be more tender and flavorful. This really should be made quickly when it comes to the chicken and escarole, so the name "stew" really is wrong for this recipe. Very bitter and nasty tasting.

great concept, but

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