Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna

November/December 2011

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Sure, the slow cooker’s great for stews and soups, but it also happens to make a mean lasagna! In this ingenious slow-cooker recipe, all you have to do is chop your veggies, then layer the ingredients (raw) into the crockpot. Serve with: Garlic bread and a green salad.

37 Reviews for Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna

Needs more time

Very easy. Just needed more time. (3-4 hours on low is what I would recommend.) Also I think it depends on if your slow cooker has a stoneware base (vs metal.) The stoneware (which is what I used) seems to heat up slower, therefore needs more time. Now that I know this I would definitely make this again!

Easy, healthy
Watery, but tasty ... I would try again.

I cooked my lasagna on High for two hours, and it was pretty watery. It was flavorful, but I added extra basil and garlic. Also, some of the noodles on top were still a bit crunchy. I liked it enough to try it again, however, maybe cooking on low, draining some liquid, and using the noodles lower in the levels.

Easy, Flavorful

This was a really tasty and versatile recipe. You can play around with this recipe and add or omit vegetables depending on your taste. I added eggplant, squash and some seasonings (basil, oregano, parsley, garlic salt, pepper). I also serve spagetti sauce on the side. A definite keeper!


really liked this! i left out mushrooms, used my tomatoes from garden instead of canned! i shredded zucchinni instead. the meat eaters loved it! a little watery though.


I did drain some of the liquid from my canned diced tomatoes (which included garlic and onion) and added more seasoning, as recommended. Also, I didn't mix the spinach, mushrooms and zucchini into the ricotta; I just layered them between the ricotta and sauce. Other than that, I followed the recipe and it was delicious! No soupy bottom for me, and the veggies were crisp-tender. I was very skeptical, but it does cook beautifully.

On a side note, I prefer to use my slow cooker on weekdays so I come home from work to a hot meal. This recipe, while effective, has a relatively short cook time so I can't make it while at work. It did come in handy as a summer meal when I didn't want to use the oven.

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