Creamy Chocolate Gelato

January/February 2011

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This ultra-chocolaty, dairy-free Sicilian-style gelato—made without eggs or cream—is relatively lean but still creamy-smooth and flavorful. The coconut milk used for the base gives it a silky, rich mouthfeel and a subtle coconut flavor.

Creamy Chocolate Gelato

5 Reviews for Creamy Chocolate Gelato

A happy dairy-free option that delights those used to ice cream

My husband's family always made homemade ice cream to celebrate birthdays or just celebrate every day days. He has been sharing this tradition with our own daughters and I know he cringed when the doctor recommended we go "dairy free" for our daughter's sake. We just made this and it was a hit for everyone, even those devoted to ice cream. Thank you for this recipe and for making our family tradition possible even in a dairy-free lifestyle.

Delicious, chocolatey, smooth, creamy
Better than Ben and Jerrys

I made this last night as a "healthy-ish" dessert for me and my boyfriend. He said it was the best chocolate ice cream that he ever had and I swear I would compare it to Ben and Jerry's despite the fact it is dairy free!

I don't have an ice cream maker and wound up putting the bowl in the freezer and whipping in 30-45 minute increments. It took about four hours but it was so worth it! We have enough to last us the week!

Easy, delicious, super chocolatey,
Dairy-free and Delicious!

This is one of my family's favorite desserts--creamy, rich, and scrumptious. Since it contains no dairy, it's great for me because I'm lactose-intolerant. It's also pretty easy to make, although you have to plan ahead--it's best to mix the ingredients one day, chill overnight, and put it in the ice-cream freezer the next day. For extra-rich chocolate flavor, use "special dark" cocoa.

no dairy, no eggs, fantastic combination of chocolate and subtle coconut flavor
Rich Chocolate Goodness!

It's hard to find a "light" dessert that fulfills my chocolate needs but this one does it...though admittedly it isn't THAT light calorie-wise. It's a nice middle ground option though :)

Great flavor, texture

I could not stop eating this!! I'm a vegan so it's very rare that I come across something that I can eat like this. The consistency was spot on, nice and creamy. The coconut milk gave the flavor some depth. 5 stars!


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