Cranberry Meringue Pie

November/December 2012

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If you’re a fan of lemon meringue pie, you’ll love this festive cranberry meringue pie recipe. For the fluffiest meringue, set your eggs out at room temperature for about 15 minutes or submerge (in the shell) in a bowl of lukewarm water for 5 minutes before beating—egg whites at room temperature will gain more volume than cold whites.

Cranberry Meringue Pie

9 Reviews for Cranberry Meringue Pie

Brilliant idea, horrible recipe

I'm not a new baker, nor am I new to meringue pies. Save yourself the embarrassment and use the concept of an orange-cranberry filling, but apply it to a tried and true meringue recipe. Use cornstarch, or milk to cause the filling to thicken, because this one is an absolute soup. I made the filling ahead up to the point of adding eggs, which I completed early Christmas day. An hour after browning the meringue, the pie looked weepier than I thought it should, so I peeked below and found a wet unset mess. I double checked the recipe and assumed it had something to do with making it ahead partially, and made a second pie to go with Christmas dinner. I even cooked the filling 15 minutes at a low boil to be sure. Same result. No one will touch it.

Other observations: filling too sweet (I used 2/3 sugar, still too sweet), too little cranberry flavor, meringue way too sweet (used 3/4 sugar, still too sweet). Didn't use their crust Rx.

Beautiful, holiday themed
DELICIOUS, not too sweet

I didn't press the juice through a sieve, because I thought the cranberries would provide a nice texture, kind of like cherry pie, and I was right. It was lovely.

easy to make
Awesome awesomeness

This was my first time making a meringue pie. I was always intimidated but this pie was relatively easy. People seemed leery to try it at first but once they tasted it, everyone loved it! I am going to try to use the crust and topping and switch to a lemon filling for Easter. The cranberry will be coming back in the fall though.

Great flavor and presentation.
This crust is a joke

The recipe for the crust is a joke... I'm really not sure how no one else had a problem with it unless they used a store bought crust. I used the exact measurements and ingredients supplied with the recipe. The mixture was NOT like "wet sand" unless they meant "soaking wet, oily sand". I went ahead and attempted to make it work in the pie plate; no good. The oozy texture of the raw crust would not stay on the sides of the pie plate. I did not bake this crust, but made a similar homemade crust from a trustworthy source. And I second one reviewer's comment that the calorie count-to-photo representation is a sham -- no way is that slice a 10th of a pie. For shame, Eating Well.


First off, I've never made a meringue before and was surprised how easy it was. The pie was very easy to make and has a lovely color. Some of my family said it was too sweet, however, I feel it has a nice sweetness and tart to it. I got compliments on the crust. My favorite part was the meringue. It was sweet, light, and slightly crispy on the browned peaks.

Beautiful presentation

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