Cranberry-Honey Spice Pinwheel Cookies

October/November 2005

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These cookies boast a bright, zesty filling and spicy aroma. They make a large batch and are extremely convenient, since you can make the logs of cookie dough ahead, then pull them out of the freezer and slice and bake as many cookies as you need.

"These were the best cookies I ever made for our annual christmas cookie exhange. They didn't hold up well (too moist) but that may have been more to do with how I packed them. Also, I think the dough needs to be chilled a lot longer...
Cranberry-Honey Spice Pinwheel Cookies

11 Reviews for Cranberry-Honey Spice Pinwheel Cookies

Delicious - with adjustments

After reading through the reviews, I decided to go ahead with these cookies for a cookie exchange at work. The reviews suggested the dough was too sticky, and the cookies were too sweet.

I used only all purpose flour. As another reviewer suggested, I added an extra 1/4th cup of flour. I reduced the sugar by 1/4th cup, and reduced the honey in the dough to just a little over 1/6th cup. I chilled the dough for more than an hour in the fridge - I had to let it sit on the counter for about 10 minutes before I rolled it out, but it rolled out easy. I used parchment paper and paper towel rolls to wrap the dough, and chose to freeze the logs overnight before cutting and baking.

Worked out beautifully. The dough wasn't sticky. The cookies aren't overly sweet. The only thing I would change is to add a bit more cardamom to the dough. 1/4th teaspoon is just a tad lower than what I would prefer.

The cookies tasted way better the next day, for some reason.

Pretty, tasty, different
Worst. Dough. Ever.

These cookies were a nightmare. They need far too much work to make them happen. The dough is insanely sticky and impossible to roll, way too difficult to warrant the effort. I bake every year for Christmas and I'm no stranger to complicated recipes. But this? The only reason I didn't throw them out and move on to something easier (like, advanced calculus) was because I am stubborn, and the cookies weren't going to win. I hated every moment of working with them. I'll never do it again.

They taste OK.
Good but not spectacular

These were somewhat time-consuming, but I didn't mind, considering the work gave me two long cookie rolls and lots and lots of cookies. I cut the sugar a bit, but in future I'd cut it more, or leave out the dried cranberries and use only fresh--these were sweeter than I like. I might also cook them longer--they softened up too quickly in storage, becoming too spongy for my taste, more like a cake than a cookie. I feel like this recipe has potential to be much better, though, and so I might experiment with it sometime.

attractive, nice use of cranberries, nice orange flavor
well ... nothing special

Way too much work for this result. It really takes a lot of time to make these cookies and they are not worth it. They are absolutely too sweet, the flavor of orange is too strong. I won’t be making them again.

Creative alternative to sugar cookies at the holidays

I actually used a different recipe for the filling - BHG Cinnamon Sugar Roll Cookies filling - but liked this dough recipe better (less butter!) This dough tasted like the cousin to the krumkake (thanks cardamom) and would go great with a glass of milk or tea. My only complaint is the time to make these - granted you could make them ahead and pop out of the freezer whenever you want. Make sure you keep the dough cold while you're slicing. If it gets sticky you'll be better off sticking it in the freezer than trying to wrestle the dough off your fingers

Flavorful, spiced

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