Chocolate Nut Bark

January/February 2010

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Use your favorite combination of nuts to make this quick and easy chocolate nut bark.

"Help. mine was really thin and cracking. What am I doing wrong? "

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Heart healthy

I use dark chocolate instead of semisweet and it comes out fantastic. We call this "heart medicine".


Just made this! and it was amazing! very easy, and taste great. Used chopped roasted almonds.


This recipe was so simple and is great for fixing a chocolate craving. I used an assortment of unsalted nuts containing pistachios, cashews, walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts (personal favorite). Because I felt this recipe has enough nuts, I decided to sprinkle sea salt on the top before refrigerating. The mix of sweet and salty is to die for!

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Anonymous wrote 4 years 32 weeks ago

Sounds like you may have

Sounds like you may have overheated the chocolate. Once chocolate hits a certain temperature, it gets runny, then as it cools & firms up will dry out (e.g., streaks of white). Best to heat it slowly, several short blasts in the microwave (15 seconds) and stirring each time in between, until it is not completely melted. Then stir until all chips are melted. Good luck!


Help. mine was really thin and cracking. What am I doing wrong?

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 28 weeks ago

Don't overheat the chocolate.

Don't overheat the chocolate.

jamesable12 wrote 5 years 22 weeks ago

One suggestion I can make, is to get a 9 X 12 pan with higher sides than just a rim, cut out 2 pieces of wax paper, foil, or parchment paper (the later probably being the best to use), cut one sheet 9 inches wide & the other 12 inches wide & have both long enough to drape over the sides of your pan so as to use them as a sling to ease removal when its set up. It probably wouldn't hurt to hit the pan before putting the sling in with a shot of cooking spray first just in case some chocolate oozes out & gets to the pan. When you pour it in smooth with a spatula & set in the freezer or fridge until it sets up. lift it out with the sling & procced. I hope this helps you out.


I make this with toasted walnuts for a double boost to nourishment!

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jamesable12 wrote 5 years 22 weeks ago

I toast all nuts before adding them as it deepens the nut taste, also, you can use less nuts & cut down on the calories without missing the good nut taste at the same time. Less calories & great taste, a win-win in my book all around.

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