Chocolate Decadence

January/February 2011

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Inspired by the (now) old-school, ultra-rich, mousselike chocolate cake that usually called for a whole pound of chocolate, half a dozen eggs and lots of butter, here is an enlightened rendition with deep bittersweet chocolate flavor and that dense melt-in-your-mouth texture so characteristic of the genre. No one will guess it’s healthier. The secret is excellent natural cocoa powder and good-quality bittersweet chocolate, preferably with 70% cacao. Although the cake can be eaten once it’s completely cool, it comes out of the pan much easier and even tastes better if it has been chilled at least overnight.

Chocolate Decadence

18 Reviews for Chocolate Decadence

Elegant! Any dark chocolate fan will love this dessert.

Made it according to the recipe, came out great. Thinking of trying various liqueurs such as grand marnier, replacing a couple of tablespoons of milk. Also, instead of the orange peel I just used a couple of left over chocolate squares from the ghiradelli dark bars, "grated" with the vegetable peeler...quick and pretty over the entire top surface.

Rich dark chocolate, melt in your mouth smooth!

I didn't add as much sugar as the recipe called for but it came out as sweet as it needed to be and I used wheat flour instead of all-purpose. It's very "moose"-like and was very enjoyable! :) Definitely recommend this recipe!

Smooth, Sweet, Low-Cal
Definately Decadent!

I put this together this morning in anticipation we'd be having it tomorrow night. My husband couldn't wait until then! It was DEVINE!!! I was a fan of flourless chocolate cakes, but the sugar and fat content did not jive with our recently found healthy life style. THIS, however, is sublime! I substituted Splenda for the sugar, used Sharffen Berger 70% chocolate & unsweetened cocoa, used 1% milk, and added 1 tsp. instant espresso powder to the flour/salt/splenda/milk mixture. I also added 1/2 tsp. coffee liquor with the vanilla extract. The result: an insanely rich (yet surprisingly light), scrumptous, chocolate-lover's dream!! This is not for the faint of heart (I saw the review that said it was "too much chocolate"...REALLY???!!!) - it is called Chocolate Decadence for an excellent reason!!! This would be perfect to serve for company. It's a five-star restaurant-worthy dessert!!

Rich, Chocolate-y, Dense, Impressive, Healthy, Satisfying
so good!

very chocolatey and not too hard to whip up


I've made this 3 times now, most recently for a Valentine's Dessert night with my girlfriends. Each time, guests can't believe that this is a light recipe. It tastes extraordinarily decadent and rich and is worth the time to make. Slicing can be an issue. Instead of using a knife dipped in hot water, try a long string of floss. Hold it taught and it cuts right through without damaging the cake.

Rich, Smooth, Delicious, Show Stopper
Choclate Decadence Cake I made and served to my girlfriends on Valentine's Day.

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