Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew

February/March 2006

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Here's a dinnertime warmer with a hint of spring's sweetness, designed for that day when you'd rather be outside raking the leaves from the garden, getting it ready for what's ahead, than slaving over the stove.

"Good but I'd put the sweet potatoes in later as they get too soft and tend to disintegrate in 5 hours. Also substituted onions for shallots. "
Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew

52 Reviews for Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew

Not a stew

I added a yellow onion and some green bell peppers since I had them on hand. While everything cooked nicely I don't think the sauce created makes this a stew. I added Reisling and the food still tasted like wine. I think I would've preferred cream or mushroom or chicken soup instead. Served this over rice too

Everything cooked well.
Easy to make and good taste

I set my crockpot on for 4 hours and this came out just right. I had cut the sweet potatoes into quarters instead of spears and I didn't have any issues with them disintegrating as other reviewers have talked about. I also used 3 large shallots (instead of 6) and added half of an onion. I also added the vinegar in with all the other ingredients. This is a good go-to meal in my opinion because for the most part I would have most of the ingredients on hand.

Very little prep, inexpensive to make, healthful
Not Worth Making

Firstly, Shallots are an expensive item. At $2.49 a lb the cost was almost as much as the chicken. Also, they were tough, undercooked and were inedible even after after 6 hours. Secondly, all the ingredients were way too much for my 6 qt cooker and I ended up using a pot on the stove at simmer. Thirdly, enough for 6 people, really? No way is this dish worth the effort and expense, disappointing overall.

Final Taste Was OK
Make This One Every Couple of Months

Make sure to buy smooth sweet potatoes or even yams. Like the texture, very comfort foodish. Don't think of it as a stew since the it has a thin broth-you could thicken it if you like.

easy and quick for a slow cooker meal
Bland and Weird

I've had a brand new 5 quart slow cooker sitting around for a year and I finally wanted to try it out (i'm not much of a cook). I was doing a little recipe browsing and saw this. The ingredients were promising, it sounded lite and flavorful. I followed the recipe to the "T" ... as I said I'm not much of a cook and creativity in the kitchen eludes me.
Prep was simple enough, so I had high hopes. Upon tasting, it was a disappointment. The only flavor was the shallot. This recipe calls for too many. The veggies got too soft and the whole thing had an unpleasant smell. It just doesn't seem to blend. The rosemary goes unnoticed and sweet potatoes lost their flavor. It was eatable, but far from special. Maybe those with a flare in the kitchen can make this recipe better, but we recipe followers are out of luck with this one. Don't waste your time!

The Chicken is Tender

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