Moroccan Bulgur & Pork Casserole

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Fragrant with North African spices and made hearty with chunks of lean pork, this bulgur pilaf casserole recipe is ready to go in the oven in just 25 minutes. Vary the dish by substituting shrimp, Pacific cod fillets or chunks of boneless, skinless chicken thighs for the pork.

Moroccan Bulgur & Pork Casserole

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Quick Tasty Meal in a dish!

I was a little worried after reading the other two reviews so I just followed my own preferences and I came out with a great dish. I sauteed the onions for more flavor and pushed the spices to a spicier level. I topped mine with cubes of well-browned goat leg and opted to use preserved lemons. It came together in a flash and made great breakfast leftovers with a poached egg on top. Love it!

Fast, healthy, flexible, depth of flavor
Here's how to make this recipe work

1) Braise the pork first. Toss with salt/pepper, brown in olive oil, then add 2 cups of water and all the dry spices (actually, triple the spice's not nearly enough). Transfer to oven at 375 and bake 1.5-2 hrs.

2) Increase bulgur to 1.5c dry. Also, since it's not apparent in the recipe, hydrate it first by pouring in boiling water, letting sit until soft (~30mins), and then draining excess water.

3) Optional - instead of chick peas, I suggest cauliflower. Break it up, toss in oil and salt, roast for about an hour at 375 until brown and soft, and then chop into bite size pieces.

4) Optional - instead of raisins, which are quite sweet, sub in about 20 dried apricots, chopped.

5) Combine braised pork, hydrated bulgur, roast cauliflower, apricots, chopped onion, juice of 1 lemon, and a cup of water in a baking dish, cover and bake at 375 for 40 mins or until water is absorbed. (Omit lemon's great but just wrong here. Roast pepper ok but not necessary). Toss in mint and additional lemon juice/salt to taste. Serve.

Basic concept is right
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Anonymous wrote 1 year 38 weeks ago

Thank you! Just the advice I

Thank you! Just the advice I was looking for!


I think this recipe has potential, but I think there might be an error as written--1/4 cup of bulgur just isn't enough. It didn't seem right when I was making it, but I followed the recipe just to see what happened. There was definitely not enough to soak up all the liquid in the recipe nor enough that the bulgur was even a noticeable element of the dish. I added about another 1/4 cup after the pork was cooked and let it soak up the remaining liquid with the casserole dish sitting on the stovetop. The flavors were good, but the pork ended up a little tough. I'd try it again, but with at least double the bulgur.

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Anonymous wrote 34 weeks 6 days ago

The recipe as written in the

The recipe as written in the cookbook has 3/4 c. bulgur

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