Buffalo & Black Bean Chili

September/October 2013

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In this healthy buffalo and black bean chili recipe, the buffalo is cooked with sweet red bell peppers and spiced with two types of chili powder, cocoa powder and espresso powder, making this chili mouthwatering and memorable. Ground buffalo, also known as ground bison, is a healthy alternative to ground beef because it’s naturally lower in fat and has a rich, delectable flavor. After all the ingredients are added to the pot, we like to slowly simmer our chili for close to an hour to develop the best flavor, but if you’re in a hurry, reduce the liquid by half and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes.

Buffalo & Black Bean Chili

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The instructions for this recipe (times, proportions etc) are spot on. It is very very good. I substituted Quinoa for the Bulgar (because that's what I had) and a fresh jalapeño chili (seeded and chopped) that I added with the red pepper instead of the Ancho Chili powder. Other than that - I followed it exactly. This is a great chili recipe with a healthy kick to it. No, I didn't add cheese or sour cream to it, although I would have loved to!

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 9 weeks ago

Did you use 1/2 cup cooked or

Did you use 1/2 cup cooked or uncooked quinoa?

A Winter Staple

This is yummy! I've made it several times- and now I've added my own little twists. But, it's definitely my go-to chili recipe! I blend together (I know- kind of odd but I have this thing about the texture of canned tomatoes) the diced tomatoes and a 28 oz. can of plum tomates (this isn't in the original recipe!) as well as 1-2 chili in adobo and a few TBLS of brown sugar. This adds a little heat and a little sweet! My husband LOVES this chili too!

Easy To Make, Yummy, Good for Leftovers

Excellent chili, but at $11/lb for bison, I'll use 93% lean beef next time. But this was very good.

Outstanding with complex flavors

I tried this recipe this weekend and I couldn't believe how tasty it was. I did use four cups of beef broth and reduce the liquid over an hour and the result was a fantastic flavor that I can't stop thinking about.

Filling, Healthy, Delicious
Doctored it a bit

This makes a TON of chili. I can't believe how much. The one ingredient I strongly recommend is adding Sriracha sauce. It adds a little bit of heat and sweet. Very yummy. Just be sure to have a tupperware container for the leftovers!

One pot cooking
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Anonymous wrote 47 weeks 3 days ago

I've made this twice now. The

I've made this twice now. The first time I made a single recipe following it to a T - it was really good and I'm not a chili person. The second time I tripled the recipe, using 2 lbs ground bison and 1 lb ground beef. I only added 8 cups of broth because it seemed like the 12 cups would have been too much. I ended up having to run the chili through a colander to get rid of the excess liquid. As I'm serving this at a party I was getting a bit nervous. I tried thickening by simmering for many hours and then tried thickening it with cornstarch and water mixture. The colander method worked great.

Flavor is wonderful and the cocoa and espresso really bring out the flavors of the "beef". A little sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese and YUM!

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