Broccoli, Cannellini Bean & Cheddar Soup

September/October 2007

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White beans pureed into this broccoli soup make it extra creamy so you don't need heaps of cheese to do the job. Serve with a crunchy whole-grain roll and a glass of winter ale.

"This was easy to make and tasted good. First, I doubled the recipe. I sauteed a large sweet onion and 4 cloves of garlic, then added 1 qt. of low-sodium chicken broth. Instead of water, I used the cannellini beans, undrained. I blended...
Broccoli, Cannellini Bean & Cheddar Soup

56 Reviews for Broccoli, Cannellini Bean & Cheddar Soup

Poor texture

I had such high hopes for this soup. However, once I started to cook the broccoli I realized there just wasn't much liquid to this recipe, and there was A LOT of broccoli. I added more veg broth throughout the process, but still when we ate it, it was too think or something. The texture was mushy and not to our liking at all. I won't be making this again.

great ingredients, vegetarian, easy
Quick & Easy Soup

I liked this recipe (my husband loved it). I did have to add some extra veggie broth at the end. Overall, it was quick and easy and perfect for a fast weeknight dinner.

Easy, Healthy, Good for leftovers
give it time

Made this strictly by the recipe. The first day it was ok but not great. I think it needed more broccoli to balance out the beans. But then on days 2, 3 and 4 it was much better. The flavors had married nicely and the beans were less pronounced. I think next time I will make it ahead of time and add a bit more broccoli.

Never had to Doctor a recipe sooo much

I added garlic/onion - spices.

What a Fail

This recipe seemed so promising, I read the reviews and altered it a bit for my taste buds off of others recommendations, and thank god i did, because if i hadn't, this would have been a complete failure. I was hopeful that it would taste as good as it sounded, but like others had mentioned its just missing something, it could be that I'm just used to the delicious creamy one with the rich flavour but this just wasn't a hit. I did add garlic and onion to the mix and it added a significant amount of flavour and made this worth the time for making it. However, despite best efforts i won't be making it again.

easy enough to prepare

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