Breadcrumb-Crusted Cod

March/April 2013

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It’s great to have a quick baked fish recipe for healthy fast dinners. This breadcrumb-crusted cod fits the bill. A creamy spread of Greek yogurt and tarragon keeps the cod moist and flavorful and helps keep the crispy breadcrumb topping in place. We like the delicate flavor of cod in this recipe, but any firm fish fillet can be used in its place.

Breadcrumb-Crusted Cod

6 Reviews for Breadcrumb-Crusted Cod

A recipe I use regularly

I have made this recipe many, many times! I play around with ingredients and whatnot- and it still seems to be pretty foolproof. My husband gives his stamp of approval too!

A few changes I often do:
-I never have tarragon on hand- usually I'll use a bit of dried dill instead (dill = seafood, right?)
-I nix the clove of garlic. This is mostly because raw and raw-ish garlic makes my mouth and lips tingle- I think I might have a really low-key allergy to it or something. Maybe I'll have to try garlic powder sometime
-I use haddock and cod interchangeably. And, if it's like a filet vs. a square (not sure what official word would actually be), I tuck the really thin part under to make it more square-ish. But- if you really like this topping (which you're probably going to) I could see one wanting to cover as much surface area of fish as possible.

Easy to make, Quick, Makes fish taste good
funky flavor profile

I made this recipe exactly according to the instructions. I used a nice fresh cod. I essentially ruined a few pounds of great fish. Don't make this recipe. Just use an egg wash, bread crumbs and butter. Why complicate something great? The Greek yogurt, tarragon and evoo combine to make a really lousy flavor. All five of my family didn't like the taste.

This one's a keeper

I've made this several times with good results, but have settled on the following modifications:
-- use skinless haddock instead of cod - it's got a bit more density to it and I think it balances with the toppings better,
-- use fresh dill instead of tarragon,
-- I start by searing the fish in butter and olive oil in a large cast iron frying pan, then put the toppings on and put the whole pan right in the over to finish cooking.

Very quick and easy; toppings can be made ahead
YUM! Fast, easy and forgiving...

Hubster LOVED weekly fish night for the first time since implemented a year ago. Great taste, moist fish, crunchy topping, fast, easy, fresh, light! Served with Steam Fresh orzo/spinach and roasted tomatoes. Discovered too late that dried tarragon jar was empty, so used dried Italian seasoning instead. This recipe is very forgiving! Also forgot to serve the additional yogurt dressing and didn't miss it at all.

Crunchy topping rocks! Very forgiving recipe. Light, yet filling. Easy cleanup.
A winner

When my husband ask me to fix it again, I know I have found a good recipe. Fixed this when I had last minute guest coming for dinner and it was a hit with them also. Made it a second time using dried tarragon rather than fresh. Wasn't quite as good so use the fresh tarragon.

Easy and tasty

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