January/February 2009

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Borscht is a simple beet soup typically made with beef broth and garnished with sour cream. We give it a kick with horseradish. For a vegetarian soup, use vegetable broth instead.

"I literally have just finished making this.. came from the pot 2 minutes ago and first spoonful impression.. WONDERFUL! This is a fast, quick, healthier alternative to the real deal. Makes a great lunch! "

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This was a really nice soup and pleasantly different from what we're used to. Make sure to add enough vinegar to play off of the sweetness of the beets. I doubled the recipe so we could freeze some portions. This was good and it will continue to make a nice side with dinner or a quick lunch. I only wish I'd used more than two potatoes. I prefer it with no sour cream, just the horseradish on top. Thanks!

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 28 weeks ago

I make Borscht with canned

I make Borscht with canned beets(after scraping my knuckles along with the fresh beets) I drain and use a blender to grate the beets I use shin beef and cook until tender in a mixture of water and beet juice add a little cider vinegar chopped onion and bay leaf when the meet is tender I put the crated beets in and cook for half hour I add sour cream to the soup once it is dished out in bowls and for a side dish I boil Idaho potatoes (whole or quartered) serve with cooked chopped bacon add sour cream if desired SO EASY FOLKS!


I made this recipe last night and it was simply delicious. Quick, easy, healthy and so very tasty. I can't wait to make it again.

Alli, New Paltz, NY


This is very good and healthy easy version of Borsch. The original version takes much longer to cook and has more fat in it, but tastes better I believe :) The original recipe also has tomatoes, carrots and cabbage in it. You add shredded cabbage at the very end and cook it for about 5 min and then let the borsch sit for 30 min or so before serving. And we also put real beef or pork in this "soup" and boil it for up to 1 hour before adding all the vegetables. We fry sliced carrots and onion and sliced beats first in the pan then add sliced tomatoes and their juices and fry together for about 20 min adding salt, lemon juice and sugar to taste. Then we add this mixtures to the main pot with boiling water, meat and potatoes and cook for another 10 min and then add cabbage and also sometimes parsley.

Olga, originally from Ukraine, no


I found this quite simple to make and absolutely delicious! I think the beet and onion flavors are fantastic and the horseradish cream is a tasty compliment. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Anne, Clayville, NY


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