Ragù alla Bolognese (Classic Bolognese Meat Sauce)

November/December 2009

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This is a version of the famous meat sauce of Emilia Romagna, of which Bologna is the capital. Giuliano Hazan’s family is from Emilia Romagna, and he learned to make Bolognese sauce from his mother, Marcella, who learned it from her grandmother, Mary. Its classic pairing is with homemade tagliatelle or pappardelle but it’s also very good with rigatoni, shells or any substantial pasta shape, preferably one with ridges, that has nooks and cavities to trap the sauce. (Adapted from How to Cook Italian by Giuliano Hazan; Scribner, 2005).

"Wow, this sauce is amazing. I never thought I'd like a sweeter tasting sauce, but it's so rich I can't stop eating it! I used one red onion with the yellow and added minced garlic to the veggies. Used one pound turkey with the two pounds...
Ragù alla Bolognese (Classic Bolognese Meat Sauce)

18 Reviews for Ragù alla Bolognese (Classic Bolognese Meat Sauce)

Not a low calorie sauce, I thought it was

Wonderful sauce for a cold winter day.

wonderful, and easy and good
So flavorful!!

This sauce was AMAZING. I think it's an easy sauce, it does take a while but it's not like you are having to tend to it every 2 seconds and sweating over it. I found it easy and actually nice to have this sauce cooking and making my house smell delicious. I did add more salt and pepper than the recipe suggested. It makes a huge batch so I'm freezing half of it for later use, which is always a plus in my book.

Easy, flavorful
A Labor of love, but worth it.

This sauce is a Labor of Love and takes several hours, however, it is well worth it. It tastes like a classic bolognese sauce instead of a simple meat sauce because the complex flavors are built over time. I make a large batch of this and freeze it in smaller portions. it freezes very well.

Excellent flavor in a true bolognese sauce
Not a bad dish overall

Although i havent cooked this particular recipe, ive made similar dishes along the lines of these instructions. What i would reccommend is adding 2 (if not too hot) finely sliced chillies, with seeds included just before carrots and celery are cooked. Then mix together with a slow cooked tomato sauce, made up of 500-600ml passata, with1 whole lemon squeezed in, along with 1 tablespoon of sugar(sounds alot but long slow cooking will combine sweetness of sugar and freshness of lemon juice) and finally a nice handful of finely chopped basil and finely chopped oregano. Combine with shell or papadelle pasta and bake in the oven on a high heat for 15-30 mins until the sauce and pasta have combined to create a real rustic, italian flavoured meal :)

Good flavours
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Lois_281 wrote 35 weeks 2 hours ago

Why don't you make the recipe

Why don't you make the recipe then rate it? That is what you are supposed to do here. Besides, your additions are ridiculous.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 42 weeks ago

This sounds gross and nothing

This sounds gross and nothing to do with authentic Bolognese sauce. How can you give 2 stars to recipe you did not make? Plus, all that sugar is sure sign of bad taste in sauce.

Wonderful sauce recipe!

I use this recipe to with my ample supply of ground venison. It is delicious every time!

Adaptable, delicious!

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