Black Rice Curried Meatloaf

March/April 2008

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Meatloaf need not be boring or dry. This version is moist with cooked rice and plenty of vegetables. Curry powder gives extra flavor to the meatloaf and mango chutney spread on top stands in for the traditional ketchup topping.

"This was fabulous! Moist, flavorful, and unexpected, in a good way. I approximately halved the recipe (1 lb beef, 1 generous cup cooked black rice), but didn't change the veggie amounts, and it turned out wonderful. And healthy! "
Black Rice Curried Meatloaf

9 Reviews for Black Rice Curried Meatloaf

It was solo good!

I made it once into meatballs too!

I used Turkey and I glazed it with orange marmalade.

The curry and ginger put such a great twist on it.


I cooked this recipe with brown rice & olive oil, & it was deliciously unique! The tastes & flavors are amazing, & the mango chutney adds a whole new dimension. It really adds a nice kick to the loaf & compliments all of the spices very well! My husband says it's better than his mother's meat loaf..

Delicious but Confusing Recipe

I used brown rice, as listed in the ingredients, although the title shows Black rice. I used canola oil instead of walnut oil. The times listed are also conflicting, but I used my ordinary meatloaf timing as a guide. My kids really enjoyed the aroma during preparation and loved the mango chutney. We will be sure to keep this recipe handy!

lots of stuff all-in-one
Will be making this again!

I made only half the recipe the first time to make sure we would enjoy it. We loved it. I'm making the full recipe this weekend. I used ground elk which is very lean and has a neutral taste. I didn't go through the process of chopping up the cooked black rice. After making it, chopping the rice is not neccesary. It was moist and we froze it in slices. It reheated well without any changes. I did add some no salt added tomato sauce to the top of it after it was reheated just because we enjoy the flavor. I did not use the mango chutney.

Surprisingly good.

Wow, I was surprised at how good this was! I did cut the curry & ginger in half, and I think that if I had done them the recommended amount I might not have liked this nearly as much. It's hard to describe the flavor. It was like regular meatloaf with kicked up spices. I generally don't like sweet/savory combinations so I skipped the mango chutney. I thought the flavor was good enough to stand alone without a topping, although the husband used ketchup. I used brown rice (didn't bother chopping it) and 90% lean beef. It was a bit more time consuming than regular meatloaf, but the veggies and taste made it worth it. I have a meatloaf pan with holes in the bottom. It made a lot of juice, but the meatloaf was still plenty juicy. I also should mention that I held out about a 1/4 of the veggie/spice mixture because I feared it would overpower the beef. I used just under 2 lbs of beef.

Still tasted like meatloaf, even with extra ingredients.

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