Black Bean-Smothered Sweet Potatoes

December 2005/January 2006, EatingWell Serves Two

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For a quick and satisfying last-minute supper, it's hard to beat a sweet potato zapped in the microwave. The fragrant filling of beans and tomato adds protein, making it a nutritionally complete entree. Be sure to eat the potato skin; it's full of fiber.

"This was quick, easy, and healthy; however, I was not overwhelmed with the flavors. I made it by the recipe, but did not have any coriander. I cooked my sweet potato in the microwave to save time and my potato was not as sweet as most I...
Black Bean-Smothered Sweet Potatoes

43 Reviews for Black Bean-Smothered Sweet Potatoes

So easy, very tasty

Everyone's taste buds are different. I saw a few people said they didn't like the flavors. I thought this was delicious, loved the flavors. Also loved the fact that it is a complete meal. Very satisfying.

Quick, easy, delicious.
Quick and Tasty!

I would not normally have chosen this recipe but I am following one of EW 1800-Calorie Meal Plans. I microwaved the sweet potato and instead of opening a tin of black beans I used a tin of organic Black Bean Soup. I heated the soup on the stove top and added the cumin and coriander as per the recipe. I cubed the sweet potato poured the soup over topped with a little pile of cilantro leaves, tbsp dollop of sour cream and tbsp of cheddar cheese. I did not need to add any salt (probably some in the soup). I loved this - Hubby did initially look for some meat but he cleared his plate too :)

Healthy, Flavourful, Quick Prep
a few additions

i added some sweet onion, some corn and a little lemon juice. it really punched up the flavor. will definitely make this again.

i also prefer baking in the oven rather than microwave,
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Anonymous wrote 32 weeks 5 days ago

Definately needs lemon juice,

Definately needs lemon juice, salt and a hint of cayenne.
Also I added a 1/4 c diced red pepper for crunch.
A hit for dinner and I was shocked a large potato filled my hubby.

Yummy and healthful go-to meal

I love this for a healthy meal that combines sweet and savory. Great comfort food that is good for you, too. Add plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for even more protein.

Delicious, healthy, and easy!
set microwave on fire

Err so i tried microwaving these and after 10 minutes the potatoes caught on fire and filled my apt with smoke. What?? did anyone else have this problem? ive never had this issues before w/my microwave


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Deborah_809 wrote 1 week 3 days ago

10 minutes is a really long

10 minutes is a really long time. My potatoes caught fire once and ruined my microwave, but only because I was microwaving on a paper plate.

I would say don't leave anything in the microwave without checking it for 10 minutes, or even over 5 minutes, and don't use any flammable materials such as paper plates. Also, you do have to prick the potatoes to keep them from exploding. That said, I've microwaved potatoes many times with no ill results.

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