Bev's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Spring 2004, The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004), July/August 2012

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EatingWell reader Beverley Sharpe of California contributed this recipe. She updated a favorite treat by cutting back on sugar and incorporating whole grains. To increase protein, she replaces the rolled oats with 1 cup almond meal.

"Love this recipe! "

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Surprisingly Tasty!

I was surprised by how tasty these were! This is probably about as healthy as you can get them, so I'll be sticking with this recipe. I didn't give it 5 stars, because only my favorite Alton Brown recipe gets 5 stars. :)


Move over Tollhouse....This is my new favorite recipe. These are delicious. :)

Yum Yum

I made Bev's cookies a couple of weeks ago and they were delish. I'm trying to tame my sweet tooth and this was a great way to satisfy my craving without all the extra calories plus it's packed with fiber. Excellent recipe, will definitely be making again.

Tasty, Healthy,
My new favorites!

This is my new favorite recipe for chocolate chips cookies! By far the best I've had, possibly ever. I added some walnuts and thought they were perfect.

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cilla43 wrote 4 years 36 weeks ago

You should try making them with Hersey's Dark Chocolate chips - they are even better. I also add about 1/2 cup chopped walnuts to mine and they are the only cookies we eat! They really are very delicious!


I loved these! I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so I just left the oats whole instead of grounding them up, and it seemed like it did not affect the consistency of the cookie (I used the quick-cooking oats). I also added some sliced almonds to the batter, because I like nuts in my cookies, too. I couldn't believe how many chocolate chips were in each cookie! Usually, I feel skimped on chocolate chips, but every cookie had a perfect amount of chocolate chips. The cookies were not all eaten the day they were made, but I thought they tasted just as good the next day!

Loaded with chocolate chips, easy to make

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