Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

October/November 2005

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This banana quick bread is full of chocolate chips and toasted heart-healthy walnuts so you get a taste of nuts and chocolate in each bite. This version reduces the fat substantially and uses nonfat buttermilk to make the results extremely moist and tender.

"What's the glycemic impact of these? The page that linked me to this recipe talks about the damage that simple carbs have on you for breakfast and then I see a recipe that looks like simple carbs. Am I missing something? "

19 Reviews for Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

Moist and delicious

I made the full loaf of bread and thought it turned out amazing! It was very moist and everyone loved it. I will definitely be making it again soon (as soon as I have really ripe bananas again).

moist, easy to make

I thought these muffins were great - they were not overly sweet which is what I prefer in the morning. The cinnamon flavor was interesting for a banana bread but potentially necessary to overcompensate for the little sugar added. You can't even tell they're whole wheat either! Overall: DELICIOUS.

Moist, not too sweet
If you are not watching your carb. and sugar intake, you will not like this bread.

The bread is very dense and not very sweet, but in saying that, I'm watching what I eat and I thought the bread was good.

This bread is good if you are on a diet and haven't had much sugar.
Good with my modifications

My version came out pretty good. I used splenda/sugar baking mix to cut down on the sugar and I did not use any butter. Increased the canola oil to 1/4 cup and I suggest using 4 very ripe bananas.

light and baked quickly
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Anonymous wrote 4 years 10 weeks ago

This is a very good question

This is a very good question indeed. I found this recipe under the heading "whole-grain" but it has nearly as much refined grain as whole grain. And 2/3 of a cup (plus whatever is in the chocolate chips) of added sugar!! This does not even remotely approach being either "whole grain" or "healthy"!

I'm a loyal Eating Well subscriber, because they do have many very good ideas -- but constantly frustrated by their appallingly low standards of what might be considered "healthy".


This is fantastic bread. I'm really happy with the basic quick bread mix on here and have tried a couple variations. This bread is full of flavor. I usually reduce the sugar when I make other variations, but for this one I like it more on the sweet side. It's more like old-fashioned banana bread that way. I didn't have vanilla the first time, so I used almond extract and it turned out just fine. I like that the bananas go in as chunks, not mashed. They still melt into the bread, but I ended up with patches of stronger banana flavor, which I liked.

My main advice when making this is pay attention to the cook time depending on the style you make. I made a bread, but whizzed through the baking directions and only cooked it for muffins. It browned nicely on the outside, but when I turned it over onto a plate to remove it from the bread pan, it exploded raw batter all over my stove. My second batch, cooked for an hour, worked perfectly. Live and learn, I guess. Got my workout in scrubbing my stove, that's for sure.


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