Balsamic & Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

January/February 2008

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Roasting isn't usually the first cooking method you think of for cauliflower but the results are quite delicious. The florets are cut into thick slices and tossed with extra-virgin olive oil and herbs. Wherever the flat surfaces come into contact with the hot roasting pan, a deep browning occurs that results in a sweet, nutty flavor.

"Simple yet very tasty "

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I am always pleased to find recipes for foods I like but can serve in different ways. I am a huge cauliflower and broccoli and cabbage eater. I have at least one of these each day if not more. The roasted parmesan idea was wonderful. I loved the taste and have given other people a sample and they loved it too. I was so happy when I found the recipe for making "mashed potatoes" that were really cauliflower. Now I have a third variation and pleaser. I also have some on hand when I read, watch t.v. or a dvd.. It helps to not have the fats and the salt or other snacks.

tastes like vinegar

I will not make this again. As a matter of fact, I am getting very discouraged by the recipes on this site. I have only made one thing that I really like.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 2 weeks ago

Make sure you use a good

Make sure you use a good Balsamic vinegar. Your Vinegar should be aged at least 15 years. The cheap stuff that you buy at most grocery stores and even Costco tastes like vinegar. You could eat good balsamic vinegar off of a spoon. It should taste sweet not vinegary.


I just made this today after finding this recipe on Pinterest, and I loved it. I usually buy a big head of cauliflower every couple weeks, but most of the time it goes bad by the time I remember that it's in our fridge! With this recipe, I won't have a problem using a whole head of cauliflower every week!

Instead of putting parmesan on all of it, I did half with nutritional yeast seasoning because there are two vegans in my family, but I really think I liked it better with the nutritional yeast myself! Very cheesy flavored and delicious.

Delicious. Great way to eat cauliflower if you don't like it raw.

Delicious, easy to fix and gets lots of compliments. I have fixed this recipe twice and love the results. The second time it was for a party and I fixed a double disappeared even though many other dishes were left half eaten. I do add a little more olive oil...maybe an extra Tablespoon.

Good for a side dish

I would add the balsamic to the mixture next time. It is good but for more of a side dish and not as a dinner meal.


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