Bacon Chard Quesadillas

March/April 2013

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Whole-wheat tortillas are filled with smoky bacon, earthy chard and zesty Monterey Jack cheese in this quick, healthy quesadilla recipe that you can cook all in one skillet.

Bacon Chard Quesadillas

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Regular Staple of My Repertoire

I've been making this regularly for a couple of years now. I cook for one and everything I make regularly has to work well for leftovers and be able to be reheated well with just a microwave at work. I also appreciate the meals cook up in one pan as I have a tiny kitchen and no dishwasher. I've adapted a little over time for my single person needs and thought I'd share:

1. Cook the bacon in a large non stick skillet. While it's cooking, chop the onion and chard and put them aside in a bowl, and rinse the beans.
2. Remove the bacon from the pan and press with paper towels. You can drain some of the grease but be sure to leave a little for sauteing the onions.
3. Add onions and saute briefly. When they are starting to warm up add the beans. Stir a little and if desired do the coarsely mashing thing with the spoon. I don't usually bother - it's not necessary. Tear or chop the bacon and throw it in.
4. Separate the bean, onion and bacon mixture into quarters. Put it in four equal size plastic containers (I like Rubbermaid Snap N Seal personally). Add the chard and cover the skillet for the chard to wilt.
5. While the chard is wilting, grate the cheese and separate it into quarters. Put into equal size containers. Once the chard is wilted, do the same with it. You could add the chard to the bean mixture container but I find it's easier to spread evenly on the tortilla if they are separate.
6. When reheating, reheat the beans mixture and chard for about a minute, then a tortilla for about 20 seconds. Assemble into a burrito (it's less messy than a quesadilla) adding the cheese last.
I use whatever cheese is handy (cheddar, mozzarella, havarti, monterey jack), I look for rainbow chard when I can find it, and I use 1 8 inch flour tortilla per serving rather than 2 6 inch whole wheat. I can't find 6 inch whole wheat tortillas and honestly two is a mess and a pain anyway. I look for 8 inch flour tortillas that are about 130 calories. This recipe is not spicy at all but the flavor is good.

Good for leftovers/single person, easy, quick
What a quick hit.

These were a hit. They are quick to make and easy. I have made them twice. The second time I splashed in some Franks' hot sauce to give a little more kick. They make a great Saturday quick lunch.

Quick, nutricious, and little mess
Delicious and Filling

I was unable to find chard, so I used kale as a substitute. These were delicious and very filling--pretty easy to make as well! They were very flavorful, mostly due to the bacon. I will be making them again. Even my picky boyfriend liked them.

Easy to make, yummy, lots of veggies
What You'd Expect

These came out how I figured they would which was good. They didn't blow me away. I think the taste of the chard masked everything else. I doubt I make them again, but it was a good, healthy, quick meal for dinner.

Easy to make, filling, cheap
Simple delicious

Bacon plus chard -- how can you miss? This was easy and the leftovers worked, too. I always chop up chard stems and cook them with the onion.


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