Angel Delights

November/December 2008

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Frances Van Vynckt, 78, combined dates, toasted rice cereal and coconut into an easy no-bake treat that won EatingWell's 2008 cookie contest.

"Really easy to make and taste just great. I used splenda instead of regular sugar. As for the comment of how to make them stay softer I would say eat them quicker. "
Angel Delights

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A lot of people of complaning that the ball don't hold together very well but mind did just fine. I used pitted medjool dates and chopped them myself. Those dates are nice and soft and that's probably why mine fared better than most. The recipie is very sweet. I wonder if you could increase the dates and reduce the sugar.

A lot of work

I liked the combination of flavors and since the recipe says "easy and fast," I chose to make a batch. Well, they're not that easy or fast. While combining the ingredients is indeed a cinch, squeezing and forming these into balls is a headache. Every time I squeezed one into a ball in my hand, a soon as I opened my hand the ball (more of a log) was dismantled. Some also just disintegrated when I set them down. I ended up discarding the last half cup or so since I was tired of trying to shape them. And if your hands become sore like mine do, this recipe is not for you.

Taste good
The men LOVE these

I have shared these at two different x-mas exchanges. Both times, I was asked for the recipe by attendees, as their husbands loved these cookies.

don't roll them

I got tired of making balls of these. They didn't seem to hold together very well, so I mashed them into a flat slab and covered with plastic and put them in the frig. Later I cut them in squares and they were still pretty. They are pretty sweet though.

taste good, and are a little unusual
Award winning?

I made these because the recipe was "award winning" and the other comments said they were simple to make. And how can you go wrong with dates and coconut and butter? But this recipe has too much sugar (the dates & cereal are plenty sweet), and the results are unappealing both in taste and appearance (although mine did stay soft and chewy and not too hard as others here said). I put them on the Christmas cookie plates I gave to friends and family. All declared them OK, but not nearly up to the standards of the other cookies on the plate. Will definitely not make these again.

One pot, few ingredients

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