Almond-Honey Power Bar

January/February 2010

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Great for breakfast on the go! Golden roasted nuts, seeds and oats are enveloped by flavorful almond butter in these delectably chewy, no-fuss energy bars. Unrefined turbinado sugar adds a deep caramelly undertone. Feel free to use light brown sugar instead. Bars stored at room temperature will be softer than those that are refrigerated.

"I made these yesterday, and the three of us devoured them. Must make more today. Reminds me of eating Cracker Jacks!!! But good for you. I used peanut butter instead of the almond butter. Really wonderful!!!!! "
Almond-Honey Power Bar

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Love these. Have made them twice - once with honey, once with agave (same amounts). Both are tasty but I'd give a slight edge to the agave. Hubby likes one of these, organic yogurt, and blueberries for a quick breakfast. I like one with a cup of tea in the mid afternoon. Thanks for another great recipe!


These were great as is but Is there a way to work some extra protein into these in the form of protein powder? Could you mix it with the dry ingredients or try dissolving it in the almond butter/honey?


Instead of sugar add 1/4 cup chopped dates.
Grind oats and flax seeds.
No almond butter.
Only a pinch of salt and 1/4 tsp cinnamon
Add 1/4 cup of cranberry or any juice
Mix all the ingredients and bake at 350F for 30 mins.
Cool, cut into bars.
Chewy and delicious.


I used this recipe as a guideline for the relative amounts of the ingredients, but changed many of the details due to what was available in my pantry and because it was a hot day... and I was lazy!

These are the changes I made in the ingredients:

1) I used 1C cooked wheat berries in place of the puffed wheat.

2) I used ground flaxseed in place of the seeds and left out the sesame seeds.

3) I used chopped walnuts and unsalted cashews.

4) I used peanut butter in place of the almond butter.

5) I used chopped dates in place of the dried fruit.

7) I used dark brown sugar (NOT packed) in place of turbinado sugar.

7) I added about a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

I also changed the method, to simplify (and to avoid washing another pan!):

1) After toasting the nuts and oats, I simply combined them in a bowl with all the other ingredients, skipping the stovetop step. I used a silicone spatula to mix it until well combined.

2) I sprayed an 8x8 pan with cooking spray, the used to same spatula to press the mixture (quite firmly) in to the pan.

3) I baked the bars until for about 40 minutes though I think this will vary depending on the desired texture and oven temp-- my oven is on the "cool" side.

4) I cut them into 8 bars when they were still a little warm.

They were delicious, but more chewy than the ones in the original recipe (owing to the wheat berries). Next time I would reduce the sugar and honey by half each and cut the bars smaller, perhaps in 12 pieces, and add yogurt to make a breakfast. A bar after a vigorous gym visit would be a great snack.


I've made this recipe once so far. After sharing the test batch with friends, I've had to forward the recipe on several times. This is great!
Next time I'll try without the additional sugar or cut down on it. There seems to be enough fruit in it to provide enough sweetness.

Overall: Love it!!


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