Our Top Prize-Winning Holiday Cookie Recipes

This holiday season, try making a new cookie recipe from our collection of our top prize-winning Christmas cookies! These healthy, delicious cookies are the winning recipes from EatingWell's Holiday Cookie Contests. From biscotti to macaroons, these healthy holiday cookie recipes are perfect to share at your next cookie swap!

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Princess Tea Cakes

Working on this makeover of a classic Russian Tea Cake made Bridget Klein feel closer to her late sister, Gina, because they are “a great match for her personality: delicate and refined, pretty to look at, and yet a definite character that inspires adoration and loyalty.” Gina's middle name, Sarah, means “princess,” in Hebrew; hence the name of these confections. Klein's mom “swore these cookies couldn't be made without butter,” she says, “until she tasted them.” Klein continues: “Gina was a traditionalist, too, but I think I might have been able to fool her with these.”