Spicy Low-Calorie Recipes

These spicy low-calorie recipes featuring chile pepper, cayenne, chipotle and paprika are packed with flavor—but not calories. Try one of our spicy chicken recipes, such as Saucy Coconut-Chicken Stir-Fry or Thai Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce. Or enjoy one of our many spicy chili recipes, such as Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili.

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Ranch Chiles Rellenos with Ancho Chile Salsa

Poblano chiles are the traditional choice for chiles rellenos. They have great flavor, but may be too spicy for some tastes. Anaheim chiles are reliably mild substitutes. For a larger crowd, the recipe can be doubled. Serve the chiles rellenos with beans and rice. Adapted from Cooking with the Seasons at Rancho La Puerta: Recipes from the World-Famous Spa (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2008) by Deborah Szekely and Deborah M. Schneider with Chef Jesús González, Chef of La Cocina Que Canta.