Inspired by cool cucumber salads, this easy salad recipe calls for salting the raw kohlrabi to tenderize it. Then it's tossed with a sweet, salty and mouth-tingling marinade for a delicious and easy side dish you'll crave.

Vivian Ku
Source: EatingWell Magazine, March 2019




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Instructions Checklist
  • Peel kohlrabi and cut in half. Cut each half into 1/4-inch-thick half moons. Make cuts along the flat side of each half moon, going almost to the top, to make a comb shape. Toss the kohlrabi with salt in a large bowl and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

  • Meanwhile, whisk chili oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, peppercorn oil, garlic, ginger and chile in a large bowl. Add the kohlrabi and toss to coat. Fold in cilantro and scallions.


Tips: Dark soy sauce (sometimes called black soy sauce) is thicker than regular soy sauce, with a touch of sweetness. Thick soy sauce is similar, but gets a stickier texture and its sweetness from molasses. In a pinch combine equal parts regular soy sauce and molasses as an alternate for either.

Sichuan peppercorn oil is infused with cracked Sichuan peppercorns that create a mouth-numbing sensation.

Nutrition Facts

71 calories; protein 0.8g 2% DV; carbohydrates 5.2g 2% DV; exchange other carbs 0.5; dietary fiber 1.7g 7% DV; sugars 3g; fat 5.1g 8% DV; saturated fat 0.7g 4% DV; cholesterolmg; vitamin a iu 102.2IU 2% DV; vitamin c 27.9mg 47% DV; folate 10.1mcg 3% DV; calcium 35.9mg 4% DV; iron 0.3mg 2% DV; magnesium 9.3mg 3% DV; potassium 167.9mg 5% DV; sodium 199.6mg 8% DV.