Consider the fillings in this vegan summer roll recipe as a starting point--papaya, snap peas and shrimp are all good alternatives. The first thing you layer on the rice paper will be what shows through on the finished roll, so vary what you start with for stunning, Instagram-worthy results.

Gaby Dalkin
Source: EatingWell Magazine, March 2019


Summer Rolls


Instructions Checklist
  • To prepare sauce: Whisk hoisin, peanut butter, water, tamari, vinegar, chili-garlic sauce and oil in a small bowl. Set aside.

  • To prepare rolls: Soak one wrapper at a time in a shallow dish of very hot water until softened, about 10 seconds. Lift out, let excess water drip off and lay the wrappers on a clean, dry cutting board.

  • Layer 2 tablespoons rice noodles, a few slices each cucumber, radish and mango, 1 teaspoon scallions, 2 tablespoons each mint and basil, 2 avocado slices and 1 piece of lettuce on the bottom third of the wrapper. Fold the wrapper over the filling and roll into a tight cylinder, folding in the sides as you go. Repeat with the remaining wrappers and fillings. Serve with the sauce.

Nutrition Facts

219.8 calories; protein 5.2g 11% DV; carbohydrates 31.9g 10% DV; exchange other carbs 2; dietary fiber 4.9g 19% DV; sugars 6.5g; fat 8.5g 13% DV; saturated fat 1.3g 6% DV; cholesterol 0.2mg; vitamin a iu 1306.9IU 26% DV; vitamin c 18.3mg 31% DV; folate 64.8mcg 16% DV; calcium 50.7mg 5% DV; iron 2.2mg 12% DV; magnesium 29.6mg 11% DV; potassium 343.4mg 10% DV; sodium 180.8mg 7% DV.