Eggs Benedict isn't just a meal reserved for eating out--this quick-and-easy version can be made at home and is sure to impress overnight guests. Instead of high-fat Hollandaise, our version is topped with a healthier sauce, made with creamy avocado, Greek yogurt and fresh cilantro. Best of all, it's ready in under 20 minutes! Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

Diabetic Living Magazine


Avocado Cream
Eggs Benedict


Instructions Checklist
  • To prepare Avocado Cream: In a blender or food processor, combine avocado, yogurt, cilantro, lime juice, salt and, if desired, hot pepper sauce. Set aside.

  • To prepare Eggs Benedict: Half fill a nonstick skillet with water. Bring water to boiling; reduce heat to simmering (bubbles should begin to break the surface of the water). Break one of the eggs into a measuring cup. Holding the lip of the cup as close to the water as possible, carefully slide the egg into the simmering water. Repeat with remaining eggs, allowing each egg an equal amount of space.

  • Simmer eggs, uncovered, for 3 to 5 minutes or until the whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard. Remove eggs with a slotted spoon and place them in a large pan of warm water to keep them warm.

  • To serve, place a freshly toasted muffin half on each of four serving plates. Top each with a tomato slice. Top each tomato slice with an egg and spoon reserved Avocado Cream over the eggs. Sprinkle evenly with bacon.


To make ahead: To make the Avocado Cream ahead of time, prepare the recipe through Step 1, cover and freeze. To serve, thaw at room temperature for 2 hours and stir before serving.

Nutrition Facts

210 calories; total fat 10.8g 17% DV; saturated fat 2.7g; cholesterol 216mg 72% DV; sodium 400mg 16% DV; potassium 334mg 9% DV; carbohydrates 17.5g 6% DV; fiber 4g 16% DV; sugar 4g; protein 12.6g 25% DV; exchange other carbs 1; vitamin a iu 608IU; vitamin c 8mg; folate 66mcg; calcium 139mg; iron 2mg; magnesium 41mg.