Steeped lavender buds create a calming aromatherapeutic water to soothe the skin. A touch of apple-cider vinegar leaves skin fresh and toned.

Lily Diamond
Source:, July 2018


Recipe Summary

10 mins
1 hr


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  • Pour boiling water over lavender buds; cover and steep for 15 minutes. Strain out the lavender and discard. Let the steeped lavender water come to room temperature, then mix in vinegar. Pour the toner into a spray bottle and spritz it on to refresh the skin. Use on clean skin, after washing and before moisturizing, or for a mid-day pick-me-up.



To make ahead: Store in a cool, dry place for up to 3 months.

Nutrition Facts

0 calories; proteing; carbohydratesg; dietary fiberg; soluble fiberg; insoluble fiberg; sugarsg; monosaccharidesg; disaccharidesg; other carbsg; fatg; saturated fatg; mono fatg; poly fatg; trans fatty acidg; cholesterolmg; water 15g; ashg; vitamin a iuIU; vitamin a reRE; vitamin a carotenoidRE; vitamin a retinolRE; vitamin a carotenemcg; vitamin b1 thiaminmg; vitamin b2 riboflavinmg; vitamin b3 niacinmg; niacin equivalentsmg; vitamin b6mg; vitamin b12mcg; vitamin cmg; vitamin d iuIU; vitamin d mcgmcg; vitamin e alpha equivalentsmg; vitamin e iuIU; vitamin e mgmg; folatemcg; vitamin kmcg; pantothenic acidmg; boron 0.6mg; calcium 0.5mg; coppermg; fluoride 12mg; ironmg; magnesium 0.2mg; manganesemg; phosphorusmg; potassium 0.3mg; seleniummcg; sodium 0.5mg; zincmg; 40 butyricg; 60 capriocg; 80 caprylicg; 100 capricg; 120 lauricg; 140 myristicg; 160 palmiticg; 180 stearicg; 161 palmitolg; 181 oleicg; 201 eicoseng; 221 erucicg; 182 linoleicg; 183 linolenicg; 184 stearidong; 204 arachidong; 205 epag; 225 dpag; 226 dhag; omega 3 fatty acidg; omega 6 fatty acidg; alanineg; arginineg; cystineg; glycineg; histidineg; isoleucineg; leucineg; lysineg; methionineg; phenylalanineg; prolineg; serineg; threonineg; tryptophang; tyrosineg; valineg; alcoholg; caffeinemg; energykcal; aspartic acidg; glutamic acidg; thiaminmg; riboflavinmg; chromiummcg; phytosterolsmg.