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Cucumber Turkey Sub Sandwich

  • 15 m
  • 15 m
Katie Webster
“When you're craving a sub but you don't want all the carbs, these turkey-and-cheese deli sandwiches on cucumber rolls are a healthy alternative. Hollow out a cucumber and fill it up with your favorite sandwich fillings for a crisp sub with less carbs and calories. Plus, you can easily pack these up for work, school or a picnic—no soggy bread!”


    • 1 large cucumber, peeled
    • 2 teaspoons yellow or brown deli mustard
    • 2 teaspoons mayonnaise
    • 2 ounces sliced deli turkey breast
    • 1 slice Cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese (about ½ ounce)
    • 3 thin slices tomato
    • 1 thin slice white or red onion
    • Ground pepper to taste


  • 1 Cut cucumber in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Lay the cucumber halves cut-side up on a work surface. Spread mustard and mayonnaise on the cut side of the cucumber halves. Layer turkey and cheese on the cucumber. Top with tomato and onion; sprinkle with pepper. Close the sandwich; cut in half before serving.
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